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The Way We Heard It For June 3rd


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Mar 3, 2002
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"The Dolphins continue to analyze different options along their offensive line, which didn’t perform as well as they believed it would last season. Last year’s big free-agent acquisition, OG Todd Perry, took too long to catch on but eventually showed signs of being the big addition the team wanted. This season, he’ll have competition from Leon Searcy and Jamie Nails, for whom the Dolphins seem to have high hopes. We hear OT Marcus Spriggs could be on the way out, as his rehab from season-ending knee injury hasn’t progressed as well as the Dolphins would like. That means if OLT Brent Smith can’t bounce back from his season-ending knee injury or simply doesn’t play well enough to be the starter, OG Mark Dixon will definitely move to tackle and force Nails or Searcy to start at left guard with Perry at right guard."

Me thinks talks with Blake might heat up again or Dixon is going to end up taking his buddies job. Although that wouldn't be a bad thing. It means Perry can play his natural position with Searcy playing Perry's and McKinney backing them up.
I really hope we move Dixon to LT during camp just to see what happens. It doesn't make sense to me to all the sudden move Searcy this late in his career from RT to LG. I understand that just from RT to RG might be a small stretch but to switch sides completely I just dunno. LG is Perry's natural position anyway. I would say that since we've been hearing all kinds of reports about how good Searcy looks and how we should pencil him in for RG as long as he's healthy, then it would probably be a better idea to move Perry to LG to compete with Nails and McKinney should Dixon move to tackle.

Personally with guys like Searcy, Nails, McKinney, Perry, and Troy Andrews all competing on the interior of the offensive line, moving Dixon over to LT for some snaps and giving Spriggs the boot could be a very good thing. It may give one of the younger guys a chance to prove himself....because thats how you improve on the offensive line is to show consistency and you can't show consistency without a lot of snaps. We don't really have any prospects at LT that we need to prove themselves. Spriggs is recovering very slowly, and wasn't consistent to begin with.
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