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There Goes Orton...

Hope McPherson stays until the 5th (doubt it)
We've done very well in the draft until now IMO. We had to bring in a QB and unless Saban has a sneaky pick under his sleave then I feel it was a big mistake passing on Orton. I know he has some mechanics issues, but those are fixable and he just didn't throw many INT's. We'll see...
LeFors, Orlovsky, and McPherson will all probably be gone by our next pick... DAMN IT!
Good Riddance. Orton looked great in the beginning of the year when he had 6 seconds per pass attempt. But when the teams got tougher, and the games became more important and the defense blitzed he was exposed. No mobility, no quick analysis and no intangibles. He'll be another 3 game starter for the Bears.
Maybe we're not drafting a QB... Saban didn't say he was, the fans (including myself) thought he would.
Orton Blows. I am so glad we didnt pick Orton. What a waste that would have been.
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