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They Never Cease to Amaze Me!


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Oct 15, 2001
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Rochester, NY
I only post on this site when it's Jets and Bills week because these two teams definitely lead the league in retarded fans. Some of the responses that come from these idiots are unbelievable! Just when I thought I have hear it all from the trailer, white trash, uneducated, low class Bills fans, 1 guy starts taking shots at a woman. Saying that she has a penis? What the hell is wrong with you guys? You need to seriously consider reevaluating your role in our society.

Now that I have pointed out your deficiencies as human beings, lets start pointing out your deficiencies as football fans.

1) You root for the biggest choke artists in the history of football. ie. Wide Right, the other a$$ kickings in the Super Bowl, Music City Miracle.

2) You have under a .500 winning percentage for the history of your franchise. Since you probably don't understand what the word percentage is, I'll make it easy for you guys. You have lost more games than you have won.

3) Your team is currently in shambles. Your quarterback situation sucks, you have no linebackers or defensive lineman ( don't tell me about Sam Cowart because he is made of paper mache) and you would be better off putting trash cans out on the field rather than offensive lineman. At least they will get in the way.

4) Don't tell me about rebuilding. Your rebuilding is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. It doesn't make a difference your still going down and quick!

5) Last but not least, root for the Bills all you can because when Ralph Wilson kicks the bucket, your team will be out of Buffalo as fast as a fat kid in dodge ball.

So take all of your stupid comments and shove them up your a$$es!

Barfalo is a prime reason why the NFL should eliminated revenue-sharing. :rolleyes:
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