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Things that impressed

Capt. Dick

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Feb 23, 2002
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A couple quick things off the top of my head.

Pass rush combo. of Bowens, Burnett, Williams, JT.

How fast Mckinney got his hands up and into his man after the snap.
Was it just me or did it seem that Brent Smith just wasnt fast enough to block a speed rusher like kearse. It seemed like he didnt react fast enough to Jevon going to the outside i thought it looked like he was almost expecting to him to go inside more often
oops.. I just made a post like this..

I forgot to mention the pass rush.. That was impressive. jay Williams did a good job. So did D. Bo and of course JT.
I think that Smith did a little better against Kearse after the first drive.

One player that was impressive was a DT named Henry Taylor. He was in the Titans backfield the entire time.
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