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This Dg Situation Is Hilarious!!!!!


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Jul 21, 2002
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I have found some earlier posts on the DG situation. It really shows how Football can be unpredictable. Long time reader, first time poster.

First off I have to agree with inFINS on why would Dave be afraid of any player. Second, cutting Tim Bowens SAVED us 8 million this year against the cap.

It's nice to have players for friends, but when he says that D.G. would have been cut, I think HE was misinformed. It would have put us in more cap trouble to release D.G., and why release a guy who might come back healthy and win games for you.

As far as him being Lazy, well I have seen the guy flat take over games, and just take a close look at what happened to our pass rush, and run defense after Daryl went down. We couldn't stop the run, and couldn't get pressure on the QB.

I don't have any reason to doubt you are freinds with a player...but it just doesn't make sense.
no matter what.

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I'm not sure how much of this I buy. DG has never been reported as anything but a great team player and I'm sure that if anything of this nature truly did exist then it likely would have come to light by now since most attitude problems with star players have a way of showing up in the media. Also, you never hear anything but praise for both his work ethic and on-field performance from the other star players on defense (i.e. Zach Thomas, JT, Pat Surtain, Sam Madison, etc.)

Another thing, the team did approach DG about a contract extension/restructured deal and he refused. The reason he wasn't released was due to the fact that it would not have been fiscally prudent at this time for the 'Fins to do so; they would have eaten most of his salary in "dead money" this year so why not keep him on if it's going to cost them anyway.

I believe that it's possible that your "source" has his own personal problems with DG thus causing a negatively scewed opinion. So if you're going to be reporting something like this it's going to require some kind of backing (names, links, etc.)

Expo 88

Dolphan39 you really need to make it so the original title of the post stays. I really don't like to be associated with the stupid title of "Gardner has control of Wanny!!!!!!". It's a reflection of the original poster.


Good reporting by Denny, and I do believe his story unlike the rest of you. Maybe the player has problems with Gardener which could be the reason that he told you this, but since you aren't writting for a newspaper this player has no reason to lie. I do believe that Gardener could scare a small guy like Wanne, Gardener is huge and makes a ton of money, which could intimidate a coach. Good reporting by Denny and I hope he comes up with more of this without you guys slamming him.
MY Point is

many people thought it was unrealistic that DG would be cut. Others thought is to be possible. Alot of times people dont realize how unpredictable football is. Here are some posts I found on this whole DG forum going on Finheaven
I think his point was just to say it's funny how this whole thing worked out.
I think he's just bringing to light some of the opinions on the Daryl situation before Daryl got cut. I started thinking about this before Pro Football Talk came out with their theory so I'm not just rehashing what they say but I do think its interesting that the possibility (and probability) exists that the Dolphins knew they were going to release DG long before they did. First they leak to the media that DG is not getting a 200k bonus and they put it in such a way that the media starts to speculate on DG's possible release...and they bring in and show interest in Josh Evans too...

Then, they leak out the fact that several very PROMINENT players on the Dolphins have come to the coaches lobbying for DG's release.

Then, they cut DG and trade for Jay Williams at the same time.

Its possible that Pro Football Talk's source on the subject, was also very much a calculated move to get DG's possible release talked about.

In retrospect, it was a brilliant PR strategy in order to soften the blow of releasing Daryl Gardener. First they get it talked about on a football rumor site, then they get the possibility out to the mainstream media in a way which is non-invasive ("don't read much into this") by just claiming DG's not getting his 200k bonus...which gives Dolfans a sense that there's trouble in paradise. Then they release a BOMB like the leak about several very prominent players openly lobbying with the coaches to have DG released because they feel there's a double standard at play.

And then to put the Cherry on top, they crowd the Daryl Gardener release headlines with a trade for a defensive end from the Carolina Panthers. It kinda makes sense now why they paid what seemed like a high price for Williams. They needed somethin to crowd out the DG release in the headlines. Williams no doubt was GOING to be a Panther this year. Josh Evans signed with the Jets too soon. Brilliant strategy, really. They manipulated the media and the fans.
the "latest" news on DG


Eagles | Gardener Note - from KFFL (
July 21, 2002 17:19:17 PT Dave Spadaro reports for Philadelphia there has been no official talk in Philadelphia about the team pursuing free agent DL Daryl Gardener (Miami). Spadaro said his sources in Miami said Gardener's back problems are still an issue and that he is looking for $2.5 million as a signing bonus. That may prevent the Eagles from entering the race.

Redskins | Gardener Interest? - from KFFL (
July 20, 2002 23:24:25 PT The Washington Post reports the Washington Redskins may be one of the teams with an interest in free agent DL Daryl Gardener (Miami).

Dolphins | Cap Hit - from KFFL (
July 19, 2002 22:05:04 PT Accoring to John Clayton of ESPN, the release of DL Daryl Gardener by the Miami Dolphins will leave the team with a $6 million hit on next year's salary cap.

NFL | Jumping On Gardener - from KFFL (
July 19, 2002 22:04:02 PT Accoring to John Clayton of ESPN, six teams expressed an interest in free agent DL Daryl Gardener, released by the Miami Dolphins earlier Friday. The Bills and Packers may lead the way in the pursuit of Gardener.
Well quite honestly we'll see what kind of contract Daryl signs this year and then we'll know just what market value for Daryl really is and how much we WERE overpaying DG for his services.
Perhaps Scotty is the second coming of Denny. All of a sudden the guy wants to pop in here and start up a thread in defense of the den-ster right after good ol' Denny decides he's not going to have anything with us anymore...hmmmmm??? Also, that thread Denny wrote was done about 4 months ago and now Scotty feels inspired??? :question: The whole thing just seems a little too coincidental don't you all think? ;)
From all accounts DG didn't do the bulk of his alienating teammates until quite recently...

He even managed to alienate his former best friend, Tim Bowens. 2 things sealed his fate, not calling Wannstedt back, and alienating the other stars of the team who actually DO work hard...
EXPO88-You Sound Angry.

PLease Expo88, sit down, relax, have a drink of water. The sun will come up tommorrow. I have no clue who Denny is. I just did a search on all gardener posts in the past to see what all this fuss was on this board. Dont be mad because i found your post that said Daryl would not be cut. Yes, you were wrong, but like i said you need to chill and relax. I am sure you have been wrong before.

Much love
Originally posted by VanDolPhan
Ya Expo it's not Denny. This guy can at least string a sentence together even if he is just as arrogant :p :lol:

I'll have to agree but he sure does smack of the Den-ster. I'm just not sure I've ever seen anybody take such a stand for a 4 month old's kind of amusing. Oh well, I wonder how long it will be until he takes his ball and bat and goes home.

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