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This is when you know a player is the real deal.


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Sep 5, 2002
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After a few days in camp McMichael was Launched to the starting role for the next 10 years. That when you know. When Marino started playing in game 5 of the 83 campaign, he was a lock from then on. So, If Rosenfelles is the real deal, (at least realer than Lucas) we will see it happen in the next month.
I'm not sure I agree with that. Steve Young played backup for a few years to Montana, before tha he struggled in other systems. Same with Testeverde in Tampa Bay, Cleveland, and Baltimore before being a success in New York. I see what your saying but it isn't always the immediate impact that ensures superstardom. Brett Favre waited for awhile.

On the flip side, Jeff Blake had a monster season his chance he got to start in Cincinnati, now he can barely make a team. Karim abdoul Jabar ran for 1,000 yards here in Miami his rookie season, then he just disappeared after that. So your theory isn't entirely accurate. Sage needs to be in a system that is right for him to succeed, just like most players. Time will tell if this one is right for him.
Thats all true. I guess I just want someone to grab the qb posistion & be a lock. When Marino got injured everyone cringed. when Jay gets injured Its not the same. Miami just doesn't have any locks at the qb spot.
After watching Ray play, I think when Jay returns, if he get's injured again, we'll see everybody cringe like that again. ;)
Of course you cringe when the greatest QB of all time goes down. This statement not only shows just how spoiled Miami fans have been......and how we still have a Marino hangover.....but how much we underestimated Jay Fiedler's ability to effectively play the QB position for the Dolphins.

BTW - Wdolfan, that wasn't a shot at you, buddy. I hope it didn't come off like that. But you hit it right on the head. it just sums the situation in Miami. We didn't cringe when Jay when down. But knowing what we know now, if we could go back in time, you can bet your ass that we would have cringed in Denver. ;)
Dammit, Jay was playing so well!!! :(
I wonder if Jay had cracked the starting lineup, say inTampa Bay or New Orleans, where they haven't had a great qb in a Loooooooooooooooong time, if he would be looked at better from some of our fans eyes. I think the people who hate Jay still are exactly what Muck is saying, suffering from a Marino Hangover. They compare him to Jay, and hen you do that, there is no comparison. If we had to look at Jay objectively from a different uniform, judging him solely on his performance and not on Dan's performance of yesteryear, if the Jay haters would see him differently

Rosenfels is a pretty good guys are fortunate to have him.....Iowa State jump-started their program with this guy and Davis ...he's better than Lucas....and has a much better arm than Fiedler...I'd start playing him now.
Jay gets an A+ for heart & desire. He throws blocks for Ricky (Marino never Ever did that) I don't compare Jay to Marino. I just go by ints & td's. Jay doesn't get shaken either. He may throw a few pick but it's not due to lack of confidence. I watched the denver tape a few times & Jay should have thrown 4 ints. The dt dropped one, a lb dropped one & a db dropped one. Phew! Lucas got shaken, he got happy feet, & Lost confidence. Ray is very emotional & that will kill you. That press confrence he had was a mistake IMO. Ya he took responsability, which is the right thing to do. I think he should have said something close to "my bad, those things happen" But don't wear your heart out on your sleeve like that. Teams eat that stuff up. I do like the way he hands off the ball though (when not fumbling) It makes play action harder to detect. There are going to be a good amount of qbs available this next draft. What cruel Irony it is that Miami will lose the pick to get what they so long wanted, a running game!
Ricky won't get 1500 yards. He has traditionally been a fast starter and slow finisher and has really shown it to be true this year. 80% of his 100 yard career games have been in the first 7 games of the season. Teams will only continue to focus on RW, I think 1300 yards is a good estimation and I'd be real happy with the best Dolphin rushing season ever.

We should trade down a few spots if possible next draft as we can get a player we need a little lower and get some more picks to fill some holes. A QB should be available early in 2nd, a T will be not really be worthy of that high a pick, and we can get a good OLB in that spot as well. A DT is the only spot I would take if a good one was available in the late 20's early 30 spot we'll be picking in. We should get at least 3 comp picks next year, so we should get some talent and hope for another sleeper like the past two drafts.

Just my opinion anyway.
Originally posted by Wdolfan
Thats all true. I guess I just want someone to grab the qb posistion & be a lock. When Marino got injured everyone cringed. when Jay gets injured Its not the same. Miami just doesn't have any locks at the qb spot.
i cringed when i heard jay was going down...guess i'm in the minority
I like Jay Fiedler and I think he's serviceable but I still wouldn't call him among the elites at the position. I mean, just because Ray Lucas looked like the worst quarterback in the annals of league history it doesn't make Jay any better. But Lucas we knew was capable of looking absolutely brilliant and absolutely sh!tty because he's very up-and-down.

Jay Fiedler's good, but as of yet he's no pro bowler in my eyes. He's got a little ways to go for that, though I'll admit he might get there someday.
I'm with you Fiedler for MVP. I cringed when I heard he went down too......
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