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Three names plus one

my 2 cents

my 2 cents
Aug 29, 2005
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OK it's early but based on what I have seen and read three namers to watch considering where the Dolphins will be picking......

Tony Ugoh, ot Arkansas: I love the way this guy plays, Saban tried to recruit him at LSU, and I thought I had a great sleeper targeted and then he ends up on Mel Kipers big board. This guy is a beast and has great size, good feet and is a DOMINANT run blocker. You will not find him high on many draft report websites because many are not up to date, but he will be around 20-30 IMHO around combine time....

Antone Cason CB, UArizona: A shutdown corner with average size and will excel in a zone scheme...good, reliable tackler with catch up speed. right now around 15-25 area.

Daymeion Hughes CB, Cal: Taller than Cason, not as reliable of tackler but more "ballhawk". More of a man guy right now but may be exceptional in a Dolphins type scheme...ranked around 40-50 or so but a solid combine will put him in the 20-30 area.

My plus one:

Kevin Kolb QB Houston, If the Dolphins take a QB it might be this guy, as he has all the tools and a "swagger"....sometimes too confident but when he heats up he is hard to stop....right now a 4-5 but may end up being a late 2-top of 4th....IMHO he will show his arm at the combine and move up significantly...
I liked what I saw of Ugoh in the SEC title game. He seems like a Houck type of lineman also. I have only seen Kolb play out of the other 3, and like you say, when he's on, he's hard to beat. Seems like a nice mid-round pick and I wouldn't mind any of these guys coming down to Miami come draft time.
well i would be pleased with drafting a qb 3rd-4th round and groom him and maybe have a good qb for the next 10 years
Dave007 said:
Is that you Rick Speilman? :sidelol:

It's sad when the only one who gets the joke is the one telling it, huh?

If you agree or don't agree with what my 2 cents posted atleast say so instead of posting what you posted.
I like Ugoh and Kolb. Not sure about the two CB because I haven't seen them play.

Ugoh is a brute who has played both OG and OT. This seems to be the type of player Houck likes so he might end up being a Dolphin if he's there in the 2nd.
Kolb reminds me of Jim Kelly with his gunslinger mentality. In time if he can learn to harness that aggression, he could be an assest.
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