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Ticket question


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Apr 20, 2005
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Hey everyone:

I'm planning on attending my first Dolphins game on 10/23 at Dolphins Stadium against KC. Not knowing how easy or hard it is to get individual game tickets, I'm wondering if some of you veterans can give me some advice.

I would like to get lower endzone seats. Am I better off just going to a ticket broker now and buying tickets or waiting until the tickets go on sale through Ticketmaster? Also, does anyone know when the individual game tickets go on sale?

Thanks in advance.



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Jul 31, 2004
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Ticket Answers

Never, ever, ever go the Ticket Broker route if you are frugle with your funds. They will charge two arms and three legs for tickets. Ebay -- and Ebay only is the way to go. There are preferences you can preconfigure so you know exactly when new seats go on sale and Ebay will email you that information. If you give me a budget range, I can ask around too.

I think face on Season Endzone is about $55-57/seat. Single game endzones are $67, but you can't buy them because they don't become available through Ticket Master. Very rarely, there might be some rogue seats that come free and the Dolphins will release them through Ticket Master, but the odds are less than 5%.

Section 101 and 155 are the best. Minimal field angle and no goal post obstruction. 156 is dead center over the tunnel, but the goal post can be distracting. 102 or 154 are good, but I would avoid 153 and 103 as the angles get wierd. Stay away from the corners too (106, 107, 149, 150).

The opposing endzone is good too, but remember, on that side of the stadium, you'll be fighting the setting sun. (121-135).

Here's a national broket site. I have NO affiliation with the site, but you can get some broker price ranges on the seats you want. About $100/seat for Endzones -----> http://www.nfl-football-tickets.net/md/tickets.htm.

Also -- Orange Parking is $20. Don't ever pay more than $20 for an Orange Parking Pass. Some of these idiots sell these passes for $45-50 saying they can get you closer -- it's all BS.

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