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Time For a Uniform Change?

Should the 'Fins Make a Uniform Change

  • No Way, I Like Them Just the Way They Are.

    Votes: 15 51.7%
  • Please, A Change is Long Overdue!

    Votes: 12 41.4%
  • It Doesn't Matter, It Won't Change a Thing

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Feb 12, 2002
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I've been thinking recently that the 'Fins are now long overdue for a uniform change. Perhaps that's the missing piece to the puzzle that we're looking for. Don't get me wrong, I still love the good old aqua (not teal, I stand corrected) and orange with the happy little dolphin wearing a helmet, but let's look at the last couple of teams to change uni's and then we'll see if my argument holds water.

Patriots: When they changed them the first time they wound up in the Super Bowl with Bill Parcells. When they tweaked them again this past year they wound up actually winning the big game.

Titans/Oilers: They moved to Tennessee and left their uniforms behind and a tradition of mediocrity as well. Two years after making the switch these guys are one yard away from tying and possibly winning the Super Bowl.

Ravens/Old Brown: Again, like the Titans, these guys move on and leave the old uni's in Clevland. After a finally deciding on a logo for their helmets (if you'll recall the first one was somewhat stolen from a stadium employee) they also wind up in the big game with a defense unmatched by any in history, and wind up winning the thing.

Broncos: These guys went for the complete overhaul (and they needed it bad) and wind up getting Elway his first ring followed by another and a genuine NFL dynasty label.

Buccaneers: Another team that went for the overhaul (they needed it worse than anyone ever in the history of the league except for maybe the Pats) and go from being perennial league door-mats to perennial contenders.

Jets & Giants: Both went retro which landed the Jets in the championship game and the Giants in the Super Bowl.

Rams: Here's the exception to the rule. They changed uni's after achieving the pinnacle of NFL success so they had nowhere to go. Changing uni's here turns out to have been a bad move since they were already where they needed to be.

This now brings us full circle back to the ‘Fins. They’ve tried everything at this point and haven’t been able to get the job done. Maybe it’s now time for them to retire the current garb and dawn some new, modern threads. Perhaps this will accomplish what a lack of a running game or offensive line can’t and bring a championship to the Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins uniforms can't be changed. Talent goes into winning championships, not logos.
I LOVE the uniforms just as they are! :D The cheerleader's outfits could use some help. :rolleyes:
Oh Miad, I disagree, I like the Ladies outfits....soooo much, oh yea...ummm...:D
87, I appreciate your very healthy male opinion ;) BUT, they look like they are throwbacks from the 70's. :rolleyes: I like the Bucs' cheerleader's outfits the best. :)

Maybe they should dress up like mermaids. :lol:
Originally posted by miadphan13
87, I appreciate your very healthy male opinion ;) BUT, they look like they are throwbacks from the 70's. :rolleyes: I like the Bucs' cheerleader's outfits the best. :)

Maybe they should dress up like mermaids. :lol:

I never paid attention to the Bucs cheerleaders...but I will trust your judgment on sexy. :cool:
Thanks ;) ......and the Dolphins cheerleader's outfits provided by Frederick's of Hollywood...... :eek: :lol:
ok, the way they are!

all white or the way they are now is fine with me. all white makes a team look bigger!:D
New uniforms for the Dolphins? I have the perfect color scheme.

Just imagine Canary Yellow and Eggshell White numbers and srtipes. Of course the #'s and stripes would be outlined in a nice Sunkist Orange! Sounds like a winner to me!
Oh, keep your logo and helmets(just change your facemasks to yellow too)
I liked the Phins cheerleaders white outfits a couple years back. Skimpy, very thin material. Almost see through. Intellectually stimulating.
Any Takers?

Nobody wants to buy into my argument. :eek:

Chop, you're making me laugh bro.
I've been thinking about this for a long time. The Aqua and orange colors can stay but I would like to see the dark blue become the dominant color. The away jerseys would be dark blue with aqua numbers and orange trim around them. The home jerseys can stay white with the same color scheme for the numbers but they can have a Denver Broncos-esque, dark blue stripe on the sides and sleeves. of course this means the helmet will have to go dark blue also which has it's drawbacks, specifically the heat that will generate under there on sunny days in S. FL., but hell, they can practice in white helmets and just wear the dark ones on game day. Plus, maybe These dark jerseys and helmuts will keep us warmer in the colder climes. Has any team ever had home and away helmets that were different?
Anyone who has ever tried to fit aqua and orange into their fashion ensemble knows the pain. The switch to dark blue would no doubt be a relief to them and will, quite possibly, boost the sales of Dolphins merchandise.
Plus,it will make us look tougher! If you look tougher you'll feel tougher and act tougher.

That's all! Kisses to everybody! *smack* *smack*
I cant really say yay or nay until I see the other option. Living in L.A. and being a Dolphin fan is hard enough. Dawning my Dolphin gear is sometimes a stretch. I just recently recieved one of the newer dark blue full back caps, which made it a little easier. Every store you go in ,the Aqua is a different shade. I would love to see some options though!
i used to be president of pop warner.....

here in riverside. our smallest team, mighty mites, were red, white and blue. they are called the dolphins and changed to black uniforms, with aqua numerals outlined in orange, they look really sharp, but i bet they're hot in september!:eek: the jacket for the parents looks really cool. black satin finisk with the aqua numerals w/orange trim, i almost bought a jacket and i'm not even in the program anymore! :D
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