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Time To Get Rid Of Sage R.


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Apr 13, 2005
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He is only a sad reminder of the Wanny error. He hasn't done a thing since he has been here. Maybe looked good in practice, but when he did get a chance in game situations he was not impressive. Remember, Washington with its poor quarterback situation, got rid of this guy, say no more.

We need to stop picking up UNPROVEN TALENT and TALENT WHO HAD 1 DECENT YEAR that has been cast aside by other teams.

Rosenfelt, Thompson, and the WR we picked up from Dallas couple years ago, who kept on fumbling the ball after he catches it.

There teams let them go for a reason!
Hey he threw a nice long pass somethign that hasnt been accomplished since 1999.

And in that Ravens start our O-line sucked even more so Sage never got a fair Chance.

Feeley threw this season 7 or 8 INTs for TDs that cost us around 5 of the games
Sage did ok when he finally got a chance. A chance mind you. behind the most pathetic o-line in the NFL. I have always hoped that he would get enough first string reps to make the game slow down for him. He has a cannon for an arm but makes nervous, happy feet, bad reads. Something that sometimes can be corrected by better coaching and reps. Everyone has an "underdog" favorite, this is mine. I do not believe that Brock, the Gator traitor is the answer for anything but training camp passes.
I like Brock Berlin... I'm on the record here saying that he will pan out well and could turn into a long term backup for us.

Give him a year on the PS and then send him over here to NFLE, and he'll be alright. He has positives... big arm and he is a leader.
The fact they signed Sage and didnt draft a QB is an indication that he will be given another look.
Sage has as good a chance to turn it around as does AJ. If we are gonna use your critera as reason to give players the boot out the door, AJ would be first in line. You can blame it on bad OL, bad coaching, lack of experience, or a million other things, but when you go back and look at tape, there were times when the it really seemed as if AJ was playing for the other team.
Am I the only one on this board who thinks Derrius Thompson had a good year? Patriots game anyone?
HugeFinFan said:
Am I the only one on this board who thinks Derrius Thompson had a good year? Patriots game anyone?
nope, you not the only one... Derrius did well last year.

He is a solid #3 or a good #4 WR. We signed him and started him two years ago because he had a break out season in Washington playing alongside some decent players such as Gardner, but he wasn't that good - his numbers lied.
Sage is a nice guy who isn't an NFL QB.
Sage couldn't beat out Ears for crying out loud...He is a decent backup to the backup, that is all. Besides, he won't beat out Ferrotte or Feeley (his last name doesn't start with an F either). He hasn't shown anything in his time here. The reason why he gets any pub at all is that our #1 QB starter is in doubt, not that he has proven anything at all. Nice guy, good person to have on the team but do you really want to go into the season with him as the starter, based on what he has shown in the last 3 years here ?? Not me, thank you very much...
I don't think we need to wave bye-bye to Sage yet. I'd like to see how he reacts with Berlin challenging him.
LarryFinFan said:
Sage couldn't beat out Ears for crying out loud =QUOTE]

With Wanny here unless you were the next Marino you werent going to beat out Fielder
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