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'tis The Season To Start Minor!!


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Nov 18, 2001
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TIME'S UP!!! I don't know about you guys but my patience with Lamar Smith has run it's course!! Week in week out, we will establish the run game!! HELLO!! WEEK 15!! IT's NOT HAPPENING!!! It's time for a change there DAVE!! It's time to give MINOR A TRY!! He brings shiftiness and more speed to the table!! The capability to hit the hole quicker and take it to the house!! With the devastating injuries to the line, they can only hold their blocks for so long!!MINOR hits the holes faster and I see Lamar missing them!! If I am Chan Gailey I would think I could be more VERSATILE in my playcalling with a back like MINOR!!!Just give Minor a shot ! What do have to lose besides another a game!! And NO MORE DELAYED HANDOFFS WHEN IT'S 4th and 1!!!
I think we all pretty much agree. I have a question Phinmaster, and don't take this the wrong way, but why do you always use exclamation points when you post? It makes it look like your yelling everything...lol

Chill bro, use em when you have too...like this


I think Minor is better than Smith, but Smith would be doing better if we had more than two different running plays.
I would like to agree with you,and to a certain extent i do.
BUT....I think part of our running problem has to do with the O-Line we have small O-Lineman with all we can really do is pass block...for that reason I say mix it up a lil more Smith & Minor sharing time would be good at this time.
If you would like to try changing something I would say throw in Lucas!!!!
From Banks to Dilfer,Blake to Brooks please please wanny Fiedler to Lucas!!!!!:yell:
I think w/the o-line we have the only thing running the ball will do is keep the pass rush honest. So If I was looking at our backs, I would say well 1 guy has fumbled the ball 5 times this season, and is not explosive at all, our other rb has not fumbled once, and you never know whe he will go all the way, and is a better pass receiver. To me, and I'm sure most other people w/the ability to reason the choice would be obvious, but Ill bet 100 bucks lamar starts the next 2 games.
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