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To add insult to injury....Howard David

Howard David...

is horrible...I think he is actually enjoying this bad game by the Dolphins...

Don't think he has his beloved Jets out of his system.
Honestly I don't have a problem with him...People need to get over the fact he was "former Jets play by play"..I'm not going to lie because at first I didn't like the fact they fire the Zeb for a Jet announcer but He is not that bad...
He's awful, and his radio show sucks too. It's sad I tuned his show out but I can't tune him off the broadcast.
I think howard sucks. To plain, and his voice gets a bit anoying after a while. It's not because he's from the Jets, because I frankly don't care, but he just seriously sucks. For dolfans sakes, hopefully he'll improve cause I personally liked zimpfer way better.
This is a real head scratcher why that guy would be hired. I had not known about the announcer change. I remember this guy doing many of the minor college bowl games on the old Mizlou syndication network, prior to the days of ESPN picking up all the minor bowl games.
I was usually irratated listening to him on those old Mizlou telecasts. He also has been doing some of the national radiocasts over the last few years. And I have not enjoyed his work on them. He definitely makes you miss Jack Buck's work on those national radiocasts.
If the club was looking for a new play-by-play guy who had ties to other teams, it would have been worthwhile to contact the old Raider announcer, Bill King, to see if he was healthy, fit, and interested enough to considfer doing the broadcasts. King stopped doing Raider radio in the mid-1990's due to the group that owned the Raider broadcast rights wanted to be cheap and cut King's salary in half. King refused to take the cut and walked away from the team.
You guys know I hated the guy. But last night's broadcast really made me do a 180. I thought he was good. I really like his voice. I hate the way they did Zimpf. But David has a better voice. And he was pretty funny at times too.
I think he does a great job too. He did bring up some Jets anecdotes, which turned my stomach, but that will change as he works with the Fins more.
I'm surprised by the anti-David stuff too. I think he's got a great voice. It really seems to be a big deal down there listening to Maddog's show.
It will be interesting to hear him announce the reg. season games between the Fins and jets.
howard david

you are right it's going to be interesting, he was a good commentator with the Jets...

It's wierd to hear him doing dolphins games..

just imagine if during the game when the Jets score, and if he

gets flashbacks and shouts TOUCHDOWN NEW YORK JETS !

that would be out of this world.... ;)
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