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Tonights' Expectations.....


May 21, 2002
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Ft. Lauderdale, FL
I'll be watching mostly three to four areas of concern tonight....

1. The DL - I want to see how well we do at stopping the run more than anything. Houston may not be all that big of a test considering the injuries they've been having on their OL. I want to see this defense come out focused, and swarming against the run.....

2. The Phinz Running Game - This OL may need some more time to gel with eachother, but I'd like to see them stay as penalty free as possible tonight. I think once the game gets rolling, and the OL stays on their game, R. Williams should be able to produce some good yardage. I'd also like to see him get some catches as well.....

3. Special Teams - So far, they have struggled quite a bit IMO. I don't like what I've seen from M. Royals or his replacement. His hang-time bothers me, and his leg hasn't really been all that impressive either. Field position is key, and M. Royals hasn't helped us in that department thus far. The coverage teams needs to get better as well, I'd like to see no mistakes tonight...

4. Team Chemistry - These guys have not been on the same page so far. Tonight I'd like to see the transition that needs to be made form being in Pre-Season form to Regular Season form. The team needs to have a solid game as a whole, and they need to play with more confidence.....

The Texans should not be able to beat the Dolphins tonight. I haven't really been all that upset losing the first two, but if we lose tonight, I'll have plenty of reasons to be concerned....

PHINZ RULE!!!:fire:
The only thing I expect tonight is to be listening to the game as they won't televise it here in Dallas.
3. Looks like we'll have to get use to Royals directional punting as I don't think he has any competition. I was reading that Mare really likes Royals as a holder but Mare has been shaky so far this year.

I'm looking forward to see Ricky show his stuff.
We ALL want to see Jay make the right decisions and throw the ball with good accuracy and zip. That may take him awhile tho concidering his recent operation and his time missed in camp. I just hope he doesn`t take half a season like he did last year. I have faith in him. I`m really stoked for tonights game!
Five things I'll be watching.

1. Special Teams Everything - Lapses in concentration here can kill any team any time. I want to see a good clean solid performance. Some would say they want to see us clean up the mistakes made so far like illegal formations, punt blocks, and kickoff coverage. But I say EVERYTHING. Because if there's a lapse somewhere else tonight that is very costly, some would say "oh well we corrected the other things we can correct this too" but I say different. Its like trying to plug holes in a dike at this point...put a finger in one place spring a leak in another. Any major special teams lapse tonight whatsoever is indicative of a poorly coached special teams unit that will not do very well this year, IMO. Strong words, but thats how I feel.

2. QB Pressure From Left Side...I will be listening on the radio cuz here in Tampa they won't be showing it on TV, DOH! I wanna pay special attention to QB pressure on Fiedler. Where's it coming from, and is it a blitz. I think Dixon's got something to prove, as does Nails who must improve his pass protection. If I hear about major pressure and/or sacks coming from the left side of the line....panic button is considered PUSHED.

3. Jamar Fletcher - I don't really know if he's managed to impress anyone this training camp. He's got marvelous inconsistency. I'll be listening to hear if he's gettin a lot of balls caught on him.

4. Ricky Williams - It really should be about the right time for Williams to start looking pretty good. The last time our OL faced a 3-4 defense they pasted the patriots with like 150 yards on the ground. If Ricky averages 2 yards or under AGAIN, then I think its time to lift that little glass casing off the panic button, as we get ready to push it in week 1 against the Lions...

5. DL pressure - Not all that important IMO. They've already shown me they can pressure the QB PLENTY. Would be nice if they stifled the run into nothing, and got 8 sacks on Carr...but not all that important really.
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