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Tough roster decisions ahead


Maria & LauRen Aha!
Sep 4, 2001
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3 fighting for defensive tackle spot - Tough roster decisions ahead

I found this
Wannstedt said he wasn't sure if he would keep seven, eight or nine offensive linemen. If he keeps only seven, Brent Smith, Marcus Spriggs and Leon Searcy could be fighting for one job.
:eek: 7 OLmen - I would have thought 9 for sure.

sounds like Zak Kustok OR Tim Levcik are headed for the PS and the other for the waiver wire.

glad to hear
Travis Minor will return kickoffs Saturday against Houston

Wanne on Rub Burnett
''I'm hopeful that he'll play 1 to 15 plays,'' Wannstedt said
- 1 play :eek: that is some low expectations :rolleyes:
It`s probably better to go easy on Burnett`s hammy. Don`t forget the problems JJJ had.
I hope we keep 8 or 9 OL as well. I think Edwards is gone and we end up keeping only 5 RB's.

I would think we keep 6 WR's if they keep on playing well, but a trade is possible to.

I hope we trade Grant and keep Taylor, then put Atkins on the P-squad and sign him if another team is going to steal him during the reg season.
Man I keep looking at this roster and the cuts that have to be made to get most of what I want and it leaves too many good players out..We can't possibly sneak them all on the ps..Titians and Tampa will be defintely looking to see who we let go. since they both spent more time with us than anybody..I don't know who we saw on their roosters that we may want..and if they do take someone else, who and cut who...?? The league needs to up the amount of players to atleast 55 and let 53 dress on game day instead of this 53 on the roster and only (opps I forgot) is it only 48 or 50 can dress on game day..I can't remember, anyway it's a dump rule..if 53 makes the squad then 53 should dress on game day.
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