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Trade Up To Get Alex Barron

Can we win a SB

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Jun 18, 2003
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Come Saban, make something happen and draft alex barron.. he hasnt gone yet..
Yeesh. Why does everyone want to trade up in a weak draft.

There are 4 tackles coming out next year better then Alex barron. We should have a shot at getting one of those 4. I'd rather trade up to get Ferguson next year.
There will be value when we pick, its not like we don,t need a lot of help. Let Saban work his plan. At least this year we have one!
Saban is going to take a year to really see what he has on offense I believe. I think next year, we will probably make a run at D'Brickshaw Ferguson or the kid from Miami. I have to think that Saban is going defense with the next pick, possibly Brodney Poole or another safety.
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