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Training Camp Summaries?


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May 24, 2002
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Where's the summaries at?

I know Blitzkrieg said that he may post it either tonight or tomorrow...

But what about JBrown's report? He said it'd be up by 7pm. Its now 9pm...I'm getting worried that its up somewhere and I have no idea where and nobody's talking about it and I'll never ever ever get to see what happened at training camp today ARGHH!!

Ok I'm fiending over here...lemme grab a spoon, lighter, and some rubber tubing hold on brb...
Sorry for the delay

Here is the report since AJ won't get it up righta way probably.
Today the Miami Dolphins officially kicked off Training Camp 2002, as the rookies and selected veterans stepped on to the field, ready to give their all. Many of them knowing they will probably be cut, but still going in hoping, just maybe the team will give them a shot to play football on Sunday's. As coaches bring out their evaluation sheets today to evaluate the players, the rookies and some veterans know that one slip up could cost them their dream they have been longing for since they first strapped on a helmet in pee-wee football.

Rookie Contract Breakdown:
As I reported yesterday that Wide Receiver Sam Simmons, I did not yet have the financial terms. The financial terms are: A three year contract worth $994,500. The deal also included an $89,500 signing bonus and minimum base salaries for all three years.

3rd Rd Pick Center Seth McKinney from Texas A&M has still not yet been signed to a contract that would allow him to participate in camp today with the other rookies.

News Before Camp:
Dave Wannstedt stated that Wide Receiver Oronde Gadsden is the starter opposite of Chris Chambers going in to Training Camp. However he also stated he expects Wide Receiver's James McKnight and Dedric Ward to put up good numbers this year backing up the starters.

As for Tight Ends, Jed Weaver will open training camp as the starting tight end, replacing the departed Hunter Goodwin, who signed with Minnesota. Weaver, who led Dolphins tight ends with 18 receptions in 2001, will receive his stiffest competition from Alonzo Mayes and rookie Randy McMichael.

The starting left defensive end position remains open after Friday's release of Daryl Gardener. Recently acquired end Jay Williams is the front-runner, but the Dolphins will work Rob Burnett, David Bowens and Adewale Ogunleye at the position during camp to determine a rotation.

Wannstedt also stated there will be no change in the starting offensive line (tackles Brent Smith and Todd Wade, guards Mark Dixon and Todd Perry and center Tim Ruddy) entering camp. But the unit will be monitored closely the first week of camp, and changes could be made following next weekend's joint practices with the Tennessee Titans in Nashville.Guards Jamie Nails and Leon Searcy were making strong pushes in offseason camps to crack the starting lineup, which could trigger other changes along the line.

Top Play From Practices:
Quarterback Ray Lucas hits Wide Receiver Chris Chambers down the field for a 45-50 yard pickup off a playaction fake. Chambers had to fall forward to get it, because Ray put alittle to much air under it.

Training Camp Quotes:
Morning Practice Quotes:

(Fielder On Wide Receivers)
``They looked great,'' Fiedler said. ``You've got speed guys and you've got possession guys. You mix up the top four guys, and you're talking about a team of receivers that can do everything.''

(Fiedler On The Dolphins)
``We haven't even cracked the surface with what Ricky can do,'' Fiedler said. ``His game is when the pads go on and we get physical and he bangs into someone and knocks them over. That's when the excitement level of seeing Ricky back there is going to build.''

(Wannstedt On Receivers)
``It was great today from a receiver standpoint just to see that whole group together,'' coach Dave Wannstedt said. ``That group should be as strong as any position on our team. We've got good depth.''

(Wannstedt On Fiedler)
"Jay is in all of the meetings and he is in early," Wannstedt said. "He's walking through what he can walk through and learning and asking questions. That's Jay. He'll be out here as quick as he can and the plan is to get him throwing the football Tuesday or Wednesday of next week and then we'll go from there. This has given us a great opportunity to evaluate these young quarterbacks."

(Wannstedt On Camp)
"We are keeping it real basic," Wannstedt said. "We are giving the young guys a lot of reps and that will give them a better chance in the preseason games. Plus, most of these guys are going to be playing a majority of the time against Tampa Bay anyway."

(Wannstedt On Lowe and McMicahel)
"Omare Lowe did some nice things out there," Wannstedt said. "He had a good showing. Randy McMichael caught just about everything that was thrown to him. He was just outstanding. Arturo (Freeman) also had a good day. He made one interception and almost had a second one. It is good to see him get off to such a good start."

(Chambers On Training Camp)
``I wasn't as nervous,'' he said. ``Last year I didn't know what to expect. Now I feel a lot more comfortable, and I can bounce around a little bit.''

Afternoon Practice Quotes:
(Wannstedt On Fullback Position)
"The fullback position is kind of funny," Wannstedt said. "Rob has talent and he has had a nice offseason, but because of the style of offense that we've run, he hasn't had many opportunities. So there's a little bit of an unknown there."

"Rob, Deon and Femi will have get the opportunity to show what they can do," the coach said. "Is it open? I don't know. I'm not positive how those are going to do. That makes it exciting. I guess it would be open for competition.

"It's going to be the guy that I feel, and that the coaches feel, gives us the best chance to win."
Eyewitness Reports:
Here I have collected other peoples eyewitness reports for the fans here at to read. It will give you an idea of how other people view the practices, instead of just one.

(A Short Eyewitness Report From My Friend TheTwelthMan From Morning Practice)
Just got back from camp,here are some of the things I saw.

Chris Chambers, up to his old self, making great catches already....heavily taped ankles, didnt make alot of cuts

Ray Lucas, struggled in the first half of practice, got his throws back in the 2nd

Casey Roussel, this guy can punt....50-60 yarders constantly, throw in a 65er' now and again. Dont know how he does inside the 20 though.

Tim Levcik....I like this guy, great arm, couldn't really tell on guy for 6'6".

Alonzo Mayes.....He is definitely in shape. I couldnt believe how much thinner he looked. For a good 20-25 minutes of straight crunches, then maybe another half an hour on the stationary.....He is looking good......I think his attitude is going to be a problem though.

Robert Edwards....bursting through holes....good speed and cuts, Travis Minor the same

Dedric Ward.....impressive.....all over the field, showed the most hustle on the day.

Oronde Gadsden......same ol' hands in the NFL

James Atkins......this guy is a monster!!!!!!!!!!!!! DG Who?

Vitaly Pisetsky.....needs more distance on kickoffs.....field goals, so/so.....He is definitley no MARE!

Leonard Henry, I hope we keep this guy...he is quick, hard to tell if he can find the hole though.

Two guys who just have that look about them, they look and act like NFL players, and definitly got the skills, are Omare Lowe (who has actually taken Fletchers #) quick and good anticipation, and Justin Seaverns, has that linebacker mentality.....maybe another 10-15 lbs, I would love to watch this guy play.....Kind of old school looking, long hair, intense knows where the ball is....
Jay Fiedler was there, not participating.....they say Tuesday or Weds.

James McKnight was not there!

Tim Bowens showed up during the middle of practice in street clothes and had about a 15 min conversation with Wanny, I wonder what that was about?


My Take On Morning Practice:
Early on you could tell the players were still trying to shake off the rust from offseason. Although this was the first practice of the 2002 Season, so anybody would be alittle rusty. As for when the players got warmed up, they looked great. Chris Chambers was back to making his incredicle catches, eventhough he was still somewhat limited because of his ankle injury. As for the Running Backs, I sure hope they keep four guys because I wouldn't know who to cut between Robert Edwards and Leonard Henry. I wouldn't be suprised if they did keep four, although for some strange reason, I heard rumors of Minor possibly being released. I don't see that happening though after the way he played. I wondering what those draft critics were thinking when they said Henry wouldn't be good in the NFL, because of him playing in Conference USA. Boy were they wrong, this guy has some excellent speed. If he improves on finding the hole quicker, he could move from back battling to make team to 2nd string back behind Williams. Then there was Omare Lowe, this guy looks like he belongs. He doesn't look like a rookie, nor play like one. If the coaches see what I saw this guy will definitely knock Jamar Fletcher off the depth chart. As for the other rookies, Simmons and McMichael, neither one of them played too much, but I expect to see more out of them when the full squad practices start with the veterans and all. Then there was Ray Lucas, who is taking most of the snaps due to Fiedler being out after the hip surgery. Lucas looked shaky in the beginning, but later started getting better. He did make one good throw to Chambers about 45-50 yards down the field off a playaction fake, however if he would have caught him in stride, he would have had a touchdown pass. As for a few free agents today, Casey Roussel looked great, booming one punt after another. As I said in my Training Camp preview, this guy could win the starting job away from Punter Mark Royals. Then their was Searvens, this guy has a passion for this game. He looks alot like Zach Thomas, when he was a rookie. As for competition for the 3rd string Quarterback job, Tim Levicik looked really good. He is more mobile than you would think at 6 6'. His accuracy though is alittle off, but should improve once he gets use to the Wide Receivers. As for Dedric Ward, he looked really good, playing every snap just as hard. I think he wants to show the coaches that he wants to be a starter, as he was with the Jets in 2000. The comeptition at DE and DT really didn't heat up at all today. It was more a fundemental day than anything. I expect them to heat up during the full squad drills, but until then I think they will just be going over plays until the crafty vets get there.

My Take On Afternoon Practice:
The afternoon practice was much like the morning, there wasn't alot of stuff going on besides passing and catching drills, along with some workouts. But here are a few notes from the afternoon practice. Wide Receiver Sam Simmons after leaving the morning session came back in the afternoon and made some nice catches, but nothing spectacular. TE Randy McMichael looked great, catching almost every pass thrown to him. If he plays like this in the Regular Season, he will definitely be an upgrade from last years Tight End. RB's Leonard Henry, Robert Edwards, and Travis Minor all looked spectacular, hitting the holes and making some nice cuts. However most likely one of the will be cut and if I had to say it would probably be Leonard Henry, but I'm hoping and praying Miami decides to keep all three guys. As for Punter Casey Roussel, who might have a slight edge on Punter Mark Royals, looked great as he did in the morning. I'm anxious to see how he will do with some of the more crafty veterns charging his punts. As for the DE position, Adewale Ogunleye really stuck out today, he was very quick off the ball and looked really good in the drills he participated in. As for the QB competition, Jay Fiedler was coaching Zak Kustok and Tim Levicik to help them try and win the 3rd string job. Overall I think the competition looks to be alot of fun and I look forward to seeing it heat up when full squad scrimmages start up. In a final note from the afternoon session, Wide Receiver Margin Hooks looked pretty good, nevertheless it will all be for not, as we all know he won't beat out Simmons, Ogden, Baker, or Johnson for that 5th string spot.

Quick Notes:
QB Jay Fiedler and TE Alonzo Mayes were placed on the Active Pysically Unable To Perform List

WR Sam Simmons left practice with stomach sickness and didn't return. He returned for the afternoon session.

Their are reports that the Miami Dolphins have called DT Sam Adams in for a visit and really would like to sign him.

Check Out Photos:
Remember to check out all the photos from todays action at

Next Practice:
The Dolphins will have another two-a-day with thr rookies and selected veterans. The first one will be from 9 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. and the second one will be from 4:15 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Sorry for the delays guys I got caught up in a little mess and would like to apologize. As for the following reports they will all be on time.

I will have a few more eyewitness reports up later tonights from friends. Eventhough you will probably find them on the internet, but i will post them all here for you guys to read them and get someone else's perspective.

Am officially going on RECORD in PREDICTING that RANDY McMICHAEL WILL be the STARTING TIGHT END!!! I LOVE this kid, remember now, he came out a year early so he has alot to learn yet but he has skills!!He needs to be a better blocker but He is capable of stretching the DEFENSE which is vital in NORV's offense!! WATCH OUT FOR THIS STUD!!! YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!!!:o
Thank you thank you thank you. Sounds awesome. Sounds like Casey Roussel really has some leg man.

Funny that Ogunleye's the DE thats showing up most. Sounds like David Bowens will have some serious competition. I like to hear about guys like Seaverns, Atkins, and Roussel. Good stories...

Their are reports that the Miami Dolphins have called DT Sam Adams in for a visit and really would like to sign him.

Don't pfvck with me man....pleeeze...don't pfvck with me...tell me this is true.....!
Thanks. Our RB's always look great in camp. Maybe this year 3rd and 1 will be different.
I was personally not very impressed with the reports coming out about him from minicamps but you never know. The kid is most definitely RAW and much more promising than Shawn Draper was.
Yeah but in 2000 we got a glimpse of what a good runningback actually looks like. So now when we say a guy looks good it probably means he looks good.

So when Wanny tosses as much praise as he does on Robert Edwards it might actually MEAN something.
My report isn't quite as detailed as JBrown, but here goes my opinion of day one...

The FB's got tons of work, and all of them look very good. I can't wait to see this part of our offense finally come to life.....R. Konrad looked very good taking care of catching everything thrown his way during drills.....O. Ayanbanbejo also looked very comfortable in the same role.

If both are kept, we'll have two very good receiving FB's on the roster. I think keeping D. Dyer is a must.....

As for QB R. Lucas' performance, have mixed reviews. There is something about R. Lucas that tells me he's not confident throwing the long ball. He drops back, hesitates, pumps deep, but throws a short 3-5 yarder. He's accurate, but he looks timid at times......

The overall look of R. Lucas paints a blurry picture. He's got the size and arm strength to be a very solid QB, but he still looks like he's stuck somewhat transforming his deep game.....He'll get plenty of time to improve with J. Fiedler still watching....

The player I was most impressed with was RB R. Edwards. He really looks like he's ready for a comeback. He looked fast, and confident in his knee. Time will tell once Monday and beyond comes around, but if he can stay healthy, he was a steal. His hands are very soft as well.

I don't know if I mentioned this already or not, but this core of RB's we have in camp this year are the best I've ever seen in Miami.....

Rookie L. Henry was certainly a steal. He's competing very strong with T. Minor and R. Edwards.....

TE R. McMicheal also had a good day. He's a big target, and N. Turners' system is a perfect fir for him. If J. Weaver or A. Mayes can't get it done, I'm confident in him.....

The OL yesterday was basically made up of the scrubs. None really stood out with the lack of pass rush being administered. They were running drills with no pass rush most, if not all the time. There were some big boys out there though....If any of them can make an impact is still unknown.

The DL as far as I could see didn't have but one starter out there, and that was DT L. Chester. He's big and wide alot like the mold of T. Bowens. He'll be tough to get by in the middle along with T-Bow. He looked a bit tired out early on, but he is still re-habing a braken leg from last season.....Hopefully he'll be ready to o full speed soon.

There is also a DE that took me by surprise. Not really with his play, but with his size. His name is R. Kelly. He's only in his second season, but he towered over the other guys out there on the DL yesterday. He's 6-5 270, but he look like he's all muscule. I'd like to keep an eye on him since we're rather thin at DE.

All in all it was a good day, not great, but certainly not bad at all. I think I can say one thing that stood out yesterday, and this is it....

N. Turners' system is going to make Phinz fans world-wide very happy if he gets these guys functioning smoothly come September....It's very fun to watch even at this point. I can't wait to see it running with R. Williams!!!

I missed todays sessions. I'm hoping for tomorrow....



Blitz I am truly jealous - great report :cool:

Not sure I would us thin at DE w/Burnett, J Will, D Bo and Ogle as well as JT, but another DE in TC is certainly interesting.

Strange that all of a sudden instead of LT, LG and 3rd CB being the #1 battles in camp, it is now FB and TE is even more heated.
Originally posted by dolphan39
Blitz I am truly jealous - great report :cool:

Not sure I would us thin at DE w/Burnett, J Will, D Bo and Ogle as well as JT, but another DE in TC is certainly interesting.

Strange that all of a sudden instead of LT, LG and 3rd CB being the #1 battles in camp, it is now FB and TE is even more heated.

You just gotta love all the competition and no one's safe..Makes everyone play harder and stay focused. Yea Baby.
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