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Trent Green Running....


Mar 4, 2002
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was one thing, but did you see on the one run when FLETCHER was the only guy left and he took a horrible angle and allowed GREEN an extra 15 yards. I almost threw up. I hate to pick on one guy and he was not the reason we lost today. FLetch did not lose this game, but man this guy just makes it to easy to single him out. He doesnt have the skills. Now, Bates, WTF. GET CREATIVE. Letting them dictate the matchups again. I am sick of it. GONZALEZ JUST SCORED AGAIN IN THE LOCKER ROOM. LOL My venting is over
Yeah....I gotta agree with you on that play.....Fletcher looked like he was jogging alongside of Green.
yup I got to agree also...almost as if Fletch was scared to get burned by Green.
It looked like Fletcher was SPRINTING to me. Only problem was that it looked like he was sprinting to the LOCKER ROOM and not towards Green.

Man, it made me so freaking mad.
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