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We've been hearing for awhile that Norv Turner's Offense will include the FB (Konrad) and TE (Weaver/McMichael) as receivers much more so than Gailey's did. This seems to make sense in that it will add two significant dimensions to the Offense that opposing Defenses will have to be concerned about. Is this a "no-brainer" or was there some merit to Chan's lack of utilization of these two weapons. His strategy over the past two years always puzzled me!
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As far as comparing Chan's and Norv's offenses. It really comes down to philosophy...Chan wanted the TE and FB to be extra blockers or to "extend the line" so to speak. Norv likes to utilize all available weapons that can catch the ball. I think Chan fit in here at first because for oh about the last 10 years we keep saying that we were going to run the ball...run the ball...run the ball. Chan's offense fits that purpose(with the right personnel of course). Norv will open it up some more and balance the O a little more.
Norv's O is riskier and will rely on the OL to pass block without help more than Chan. Goodwin stayed in and blocked half the plays, but now the TE and FB are expected to be out there as options for Jay if the WRs are covered.

All I know is that after 84 and 85 and up until OJ was established, Dan dumped the ball off all the time for first downs. I want to see Jay be given the option to dump it off far more rather than throwing high risk passes or Jay running it.

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Norv is the man!

I think Chan Gailey helped Fiedler build confidence, but otherwise, I didn't like his philosophy. He made our offense too predictable - hand off or pass to a WR. Rob Konrad is a very talented player who has not been used properly. If the FB's only responsibility under Gailey was to block, then Dyer should have been used more. I also didn't understand why McKnight, who's fast but not that physical, was used as a slot receiver. Oronde is a natural for that.

In some ways I'm more excited about Norv than I am about Ricky. I miss the days when guys like Keith Jackson and Tony Paige made big plays. Konrad could be a Tony Richardson type, converting short dump off passes into first downs. Now that the Phins have some talent on offense again, and an innovative coordinator to call the plays, I really think (if the O-line can hold up and just be average) that we could have a formidable offense for the first time since about '94.
"If Marino ever had half the team around him that Joe Montana had, he'd have a ring for every finger."

As long as that "other half" was the defense...
Another factor that has me excited is that Wanny never seemed to influence the Offense much, but was more invloved in molding the Defence which is his background. That should mean that all the good things we have heard about Turner's system should have an excellent chance of happening, given he will have total say in how the O system is implemented!
Originally posted by phins054
"If Marino ever had half the team around him that Joe Montana had, he'd have a ring for every finger."

As long as that "other half" was the defense...

Amen 54.
Norv Turner does utilize the FB in the passing game, but not as much as you'd think by the rumors. The TE, now that's another story. I don't really remeber Norv having a "blocking" TE in Dallas, and he did have one in Washington, but Tony Galbreaith (sp?) was mostly in for kicks (meaning punts and FG, no pun intended :D)

But both in Dallas and Washington, the TE's were used in the passing game in a consistent manner.
Norv should be a huge upgrade for you guys at OC. Gailey just doesn't get it!!!
Konrad's no Moose & Galbreath?? Please! That dude couldn't catch a cold!
Konrad has never had the chance to become a Moose.

Let's just wait and see what Norv does with him. I know he is being lined up as an H back a lot, so I think they are really trying to get him the ball more often.
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