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Two accounts..


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May 27, 2005
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can anyone tell me if it is possible to have more than one account on here using one computer? I signed up first and now that my boyfriend is trying to sign up, he is having difficulties with it. Any info will help, Thanks. :) ~*~ DAWN~*~
Each of you just have to remember to sign out when you leave the site so the other can sign in. But yes, it's certainly an option.
When you share a common pc and IP address with another member, you need to be sure that your pc-mate doesn't royally screw-up. If your boyfriend should manage to get himself banned from FinHeaven his IP address would be blocked and that would affect both of you. Then you'd have virtually no recourse but to dump the guy and come hang out with me.:wink:

j/k:) We welcome both of you to FinHeaven. Maybe someday you'll have little Dolfans together.:D
Two accounts

Thanks everyone for the help. My boyfriend has not been able to even sign in yet, so he hasn't had a chance to be a "bad" boy yet, to get banned, lol..:D not that he would. HaHa.. (no little dolfans for us) we already have kids and dont want anymore, LOL..:saber: Have a good day all!!
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