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Two claimed


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Aug 28, 2002
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Hi All,
I noticed Justin Seavern & James Atkins were claimed off waivers by the Colts & Titans. If Atkins gets claimed it looks like we may have trouble trying to hide either Henry Taylor or Dario Romero on the PS (that's if Taylor is eligible - I can never remember the rules regarding experience and eligibility to the PS)
....or Leonard Henry, for that matter....

BTW....welcome Bob....
I heard on the radio yesterday that if a player has played less than 6 games, they are eligible for the PS. I dont know if that means actually play, be activated, or just be on the regular roster.
Who would had thoguht Seaverns would have been picked up.....I would had like for Atkins to clear waivers.......
Somebody for the Colts must have seen some of the solid hits Seaverns has been administering on special teams!
One of the reasons Seaverns was cut was that he didnt play SP...:rolleyes:
Not surprising to see these guys picked up really. It's basically for a closer look when it really doesn't cost the team a roster spot. Teams have had 4 weeks to see the guys the had on their rosters now they can bring in a guy or 2 and see if he offers anything more then the gys they let go. The Titans lost 3 DT's this off season and need depth there and Seaverns was probably being looked at to contribute on ST's.
I wonder why he didnt contribut to our St's. Either the coaches didnt let him, or he was bad at it. say people aren't keeping up with our players because they haven't done anything...I say again Henry won't make it to the practice squad. Justin wasn't drafted..notice no one picked up Simmons yet, who was drafted..teams know what's going on.
Originally posted by MDFINFAN say people aren't keeping up with our players because they haven't done anything...I say again Henry won't make it to the practice squad. Justin wasn't drafted..notice no one picked up Simmons yet, who was drafted..teams know what's going on.

Incorrect. I said that Leonard Henry will not get picked up because Leonard Henry has not done anything ultimately impressive in front of people.

Justin Seaverns STARTED against the Saints at MLB and played through almost the entire game. There's no possible way the coaches could have hidden him and discouraged teams from claiming him off waivers. He actually did well as the starter despite a few mistakes early on which are typical "rookie mistakes" The dolphins didn't feel he was a special teams standout so they didn't bother letting him impress teams that way. I contend that the Dolphins did what they deemed the most likely action to have the best chance of getting him back on the practice squad...they let him go early and didn't give him much chance to show anything on special teams. Now the Colts are basically going to give him a few days to impress them enough to make the 53 man roster...a gamble, but probably a better gamble than cutting him this coming sunday then having a team claim him off waivers for the actual 53 man roster where he wouldn't have any work ahead of him to make the roster. Right now he's got an uphill battle with the Colts to make that final roster.

Why did these two get claimed? Its simple. They've seen a lot of playing time in front of other people. Atkins has played in the 2nd half of games from the start of preseason, and teams had plenty of time to evaluate whether or not they saw potential. Not to mention, the Titans (who are the ones who claimed surprise there) got an advantage over everyone else and got to see James Atkins practice against them behind closed doors (where NFL scouts cannot see). Justin Seaverns got plenty of 2nd half playing time in Tampa where he looked decent, and saw action the whole game against New Orleans where he looked decent and actually got to go up against starters (remember Cornell Green wasn't traded until the Bucs scouts got to see him go up against starters...) and then he saw some more action against the Texans. Scouts could SEE these guys' success.

The only thing scouts could SEE of Leonard Henry's success was like 12 carries for 16 yards in a pitiful showing against the Buccaneers. He hasn't been played against the Saints or Texans and will probably be played sparingly against the Bears. Scouts can't SEE his success. Actually I take that back, scouts from teams other than the Titans and Bucs can't see his success. Those two teams have seen him up close behind closed doors in practices. And interestingly enough the Titans have just waived Dan Alexander...and therefore may be waiting a little bit for Leonard Henry to hit waivers because of what they saw in him when we practiced against them behind closed doors. Unless Henry tears **** up against the Bears, if he gets claimed off waivers (which I still deem unlikely) I got money that says its the Titans doin the claiming...
A pitifull offensive line you mean..he kept us from losing yards...why do you think he's still on the team right now..seems like he should have been let go and try to sneak him back on the team like they did Justins..I know you will have a good answer to this CK..I can't wait :=) comeback to you is teams don't waste their waiver priority on players they don't think can play. These teams obviously liked them alot or wouldn't have used a waiver claim to get them.

Seaverns really was never impressive and I don't think they wanted him on P-squad. I think they'll go with one of the better young guys we have in camp now. Symonette or Rollins played better IMO.

Atkins did next to nothing in every game he was in. You say Henry didn't do anything, yet he ran hard and got yards after contact through hard running. I didn't see Atkins make a single impact play all preseason. He has a nice body type and could develop, but not for awhile and definitely not this year.

Henry may or may not get claimed, but I think everyone here has shot through the teams don't see them or cliam them because someone else says they look good theory.

That's exactly why teams claim players. Because someone said they looked good.
That's exactly why teams claim players. Because someone said they looked good

Aside from that "someone" being a scout who works for that team, you could not possibly be more wrong. Sorry. If you were right then the Dolphins would not even bother trying to "hide" Leonard Henry as they have been doing, by not playing him preseason games. That single fact alone completely debunks your theory.

What you still seem to deny MD is that I'm not saying Henry is aweful. I have admitted in the past that he has looked alright...IN PRACTICE. Bottom line, we get to see him in practice. Other teams do not. So we KNOW what Henry is and why we may want to keep tabs on him. Other teams do not. The only way these other teams could possibly know for themselves, is what he's done in preseason games...and what he's done in preseason games was precisely d!ck. He's either not played, or he's averaged little over ONE YARD PER CARRY. Perspective please.
There's more of a chance of sneaking a guy by at final cuts then now. Teams still have time to evaluate players and have more roster spots to use now then they will in a week. Also just because a player makes it to your PS doesn't mean he's any harder for another team to claim then when he's cut. Seaverns was expected to be a very good ST player coming out of college, just because he couldn't break our ST lineup doesn't mean he can't contribute to another teams ST's.
You think you know everything's really quite comical.

You have no idea whether or not they're trying to hide Henry anymore than some other guy who isn't playing much and won't make the's your theory and therefore must be right.

Duh, I meant a scout said he looked good...I'm afraid that's a scouts job, and they have already seen Henry and a team willing to take achance on a guy who like someone to look at...a team that possibly isn't real deep at a position and have someone they're not real high on at the time...if someone who scouts say were impressive, they might claim him and give him a look.

I don't really know if he'll get claimed or not, but I'm starting to really not care as he'll not play this year anyway...I just want the season to star for real.

I still want you to know CK, you don't whether or not they're trying to hide anything and yet, you call it a "fact", well son is a fact is something that can be proven through indisputable evidence. An opinion is a persons belief based on their own experiences...which one is your point? Guess you didn't debunk anything huh?
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