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Two Intriguing Possibilities


The Big Zonk
Feb 24, 2002
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1 - Ricky Williams decides to come back after Saban promises that he won't be overworked. Ricky and Ronnie become the greatest RB tandem in NFL history.

2- USC QB Matt Leinart declares for the 2005 supplemental draft.

Excerpts from an nteresting article by Peter King about the Leinart rumor:

In a supplemental draft, a player who has either graduated from college after the NFL Draft or who has had illicit contact with a player agent can, if he has had three seasons at a school, choose to declare himself eligible for entry into the NFL Draft. At that time, the NFL picks a date and teams can use their selections in the following year's draft to bid on the player.

Until the end of the current season, the supplemental draft order is based on the previous year's draft order. So San Francisco again would be on the clock. The team that wanted Leinart would go to the 49ers and try to pry the pick away.

"Matt has no intention of doing that. He knows the possibility. ... He's not leaving. ... It's a good story. It's just not happening." - USC's Head Coach Pete Carroll

I'm not sure, even with his strong statements in this column, this is the last Carroll has heard of this rumor.



I'm not holding my breath, but these two possibilities are worth keeping in mind...
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