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Two Teams To Despise For a Long Time After This Draft ...

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Apr 29, 2003
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1) KC - Peterson's comments about the Surtain deal have repeatedly been condescending, saying that Miami as asking too much (a 2nd round pick). Yet, even though the Buchanon deal is different (cap/age/etc.), it shows he's being arrogant. If they don't make the deal - I hope their defense sucks and they go down the tubes. They'll regret not giving up a 2nd round pick - which would yield them a very good CB for the next 3-4 years.

2) SF - Mike Nolan knows who he's going to pick. And, even though it is VERY unlikely someone will trade up with them - unless they accept much less - they are simply making it difficult on Miami's trading scenarios. He basically got jealous of our talking to so many teams and couldn't handle it. Essentially, they are trying to give us 15 minutes (during out 2nd round pick) to swing a deal. Hopefully we'll have been talking with teams enough that we can swing something quickly if the offer is there. Nevertheless, I will be strongly rooting against Nolan.

Just my opinion.
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