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Nov 11, 2001
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england u.k
how many other dolfans that visit this board are based in the u.k, im 30(was 30 on the 4th july), originally a london(battersea) boy who has lived in the midlands(staffordshire) for the last 8 yrs, im desperate to go to florida 1 day and take in a phins game, have no idea when this will be affordable, but i will have compensation from an accident at some stage between now and the end of next year(hopefully sooner rather than later), i have seen a couple of others post on here, so step up and make ya self known to me, pleeeeeeezzzzzzzzeeeeeeeee.

afc wimbledon, afc wimbledon, afc wimbledon, afc wimbledon (to the tune of La Donna E Mobile by Verdi)

afc wimbledon, the u'k's newest senior football club, carrying forward the traditions and 113 year history of the famous wimbledon fc(R.I.P), bringing football home to the fans and taking our national game back from the money men who are ruining it and trying to line their pockets at all football fans expense.

good will win out.
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