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UDFA making the team


Sep 29, 2004
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Can't recall this being posted...but which UDFA you think will make the final 53 man roster?
it has been... there was a massive vote.

I think KayJay, Alex Holmes, Josh Davis and Mitch Meeuwsen all have a fighting chance.

Holmes, Berlin and KayJay are my favorite FAs signed.
Harris, Davis, ***a, Holmes and Meeuwsen I think. Also, I think Shirdonya Mitchell will be kept around on the IR.
I think several of the UDRFA are going to make the roster. Saban is going to do some cleaning up of the roster and get rid of people he doesn't see fitting in.
Davis, Harris, Meeusen, Holmes and maybe Turner since Saban did coach him in college
Saban was elected and he is setting up his own house

Saban is likely to have auditions at every position. This is a good year to be a undrafted free agent in Miami. Particularily at safety, linebacker, defensive line and offensive line.

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