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Unbreakable records....


Feb 21, 2002
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I was doing a post in the undefeated thread and this kinda just popped in my head. What are the unbreakable records? Here is my list.(These do not have to be just Dolphins records, Any sports records.)

1. 72 undefeated and untied record (naturally)
2. Marinos Career Yardage
3. Marinos Career TDs
4. Marinos 84 season TDs
5. Shulas career wins
6. Celtics 8 straight NBA titles

Will add more later...just wanted to throw this out there. I would say Barry Bonds HR record but the last few years that record seemed to have a bullseye on it. I do think it will stand for more than 3 years though;-)
Rickey Henderson's career steals, single season steals, and career runs scored records are probably the most unbreakable records in sports. Also, Cal Ripkin's Iron Man record.
Joltin' Joe's hitting streak, Chamberlain's 55 boards in a game, 45 boards in a game as a rookie, Ty Cobb's career batting average of .366, and his 22 consecutive years of .300 BA or higher.
Speakin of Wilt...his 100 points in a game will never be touched.
I forgot about that. I always liked Chamberlain, but I will always hate the Lakers. BTW, I know I am contradicting myself a bit here.
Don't feel bad I used to like the Magic led Lakers. The Celtics and them would go at it. I don't care much for the NBA anymore and I really don't know why?!?
Chamberlain's 50.4 ppg season will NEVER be touched.
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