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Undrafted free agents


Jun 14, 2004
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Which of the newest dolphins really have a shot of making this team?
I think that our 1st second 3rd and 4th picks are gimmies. As far as the rest goes here is what I think.

Anothony Alabi and Keven Vikerson 5th and 7th are long shots

Kay Jay Harris will make the team (I think minor or morris or both will be dealt or cut)

I also think that Josh davis will make it. If not he will be on the practice squad

I don't think Brock Berlin has a chance in hell.

And maybe the safety Mitch Meeuwsen has a chance if we don't get another safety through free agency. The rest IMO is just camp fodder

Ronnie Brown=
Matt Roth
Channing Crowder
Travis Daniels
Anthony Alabi
Kevin Vickerson
Undrafted FA Signings:
QB Brock Berlin(Miami)
RB Kay Jay Harris(West Virginia)
WR Josh Davis(Marshall)
TE Alex Holmes(USC)
TE Victor Sesay(Missouri)
DE George Lewis(Iowa)
DE Van Brown(Northeast Oklahoma)
DT Matt ***a(Hawaii)
DT Orrin Thompson(Duke)
LB Lionel Turner(LSU)
CB Shirdonya Mitchell(Missouri)
S Mitch Meeuwsen(Oregon State)
Great job so far Nick! Keep it up. :cooldude:
i think all of our Draft picks will make it.

KayJay Harris
Brock Berlin(PS)
Alex Holmes
Van Brown

I think our picks are gonna be on the roster as well as will harris, Holmes, Turner (who at the very least saban will throw on ST imo), Josh Davis will make it as a #5 wr, and possibly Mitch Meeuwsen.

Mitchell will land on the inactive list cause hes hurt but im happy we landed him. His got solid speed and I felt he was a legit 3rd-4th round value. He can really run and play the ball pretty well. Could be another Ogunleye type find where if we give him a year he can turn into something good.
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