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Unlimited Voting Right Now

I'm doing it now! :D I have 5 windows refreshing at once. I started on 84217 and am now up to 84353 in a matter of 10 minutes. :)

why the hell is this time consuming button pressing so important exactly, and are my 2 votes not enough , i already feel like a cheat, lol.:confused:
Ten minutes later we are now up to 84,465. I am going for 100,000! :lol: BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :evil:

MIAD my dear , you are a lovely, good hearted, attractive young lady, you should have no trouble getting a life.
SO GO GET 1 , lol, sorry princess xxxxx.:p
I need my cable!!!!! :cry: :cry: I'm tryin to do this on a 28.8 modem at my work :cry:
I have DSL and have 5 windows open! I can vote like 80 times in like 5 minutes!! :D WOO~HOO!!
i surrender

ok young lady what do i have to do, and it may be quicker to tell me on aol
You guys are rockin!!! :D:D Keep it up ;) I can't do diddly on this cheap piece of crap...I HAVE to go to lunch now but keep going..The Bills aren't even voting right now! :eek: :lol:
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