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Mar 21, 2002
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Sure Ricky, Fiedler, Taylor, McMichael and Madison get all the hype, and very much well deserved, but what is so impressive to me is all the unsung heroes. I haven't seen nearly enough said on Mark Dixon's transformation from guard to arguably the most challenging position on a football team. This has been nothing short of spectacular. While Nails is drawing rave reviews, Perry has been just as impressive. A totally different player than last year. Then there's Freeman and Wooden. These guys have been making plays all over the field. With our corners, I say we put 8 in the box every game, and dare them to throw against Madison and Surtain. Gamble too...I never knew he could cover. Then of course there's Rodgers and Konrad. 2 guys we've been waiting for and are finally delivering.

WE know about these guys, and soon everybody will be talking about them. KEEP IT UP!!! NO LETDOWN!!!
Yes, this is a TEAM. Nothing against our teams of the past. But these guys are all working together. They're like a machine.
Yes they are refreshing aren't they..??
Where are all the Dixon haters now ??? Only Muck and me standing ??? Once again Dix proves ya wrong guys...
My favorite is Mark Royals...He has replaced Turk WITHOUT our SP'S missing a beat...BTW did you guys see that 20 yarder by Turk last week...:lol: :jetssuck:
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