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$upport your $ite


Sep 17, 2002
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We did this last week at ganggreen - we placed wagers(pats and jets fans) on the game -- if your team lost you donated money to the other teams site.
If the Jets lose i will donate $20 to the Finheaven!
Any Dolphin supporters willing to back their team at the risk of donating some money to theganggreen?
I will post this on theganggreen also to try to get more folks involved.
if i hadn't already donated here at the office i would take you up on this...anyone not donated willing to win some $$$ for finheaven?
i'll pay up..i support my team -- had a blast in fort laudedale -- saw some sweet fights at the game and if blitzkrieg hops in -- great rec. on the club
great games guys -- kick the pats ass -- sick of hearing about tom brady! sack that mofo!
85inthehall you are a class act and I'm sure the people who run this site we'll appreciate it, We'll have to do this again when we play again
Can't say I blame you there 85inthehall, but atleast you are being a good sport about it
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