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use the draft to build fo the future


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May 19, 2004
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Maui, Hawaii
I know that everyone wants to be the playoffs in 2005, but I thought that we need to use draft picks to solidify the Dolphins and build for the future. If we take Edwards, M Williams, Brown,Caddy or Benson we will be building on the Fins future, While having 2005 contributers. We should draft Baas for the future or Merriman. The Fins should draft at least one high pick (second or 3rd round) on a developmental player with exceptional talent.:evil:
LostInPatsLand said:
True, but I've been waiting over 30 years for the future...

You've been watching football since you were born?

Nice. :D
LostInPatsLand said:
You got me! ;)

Ok 25 years...

I've only been waiting 24-years. I didn't really get into watching football until 1981.
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