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very proud Ronnie Brown is from "OUR TOWN"


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Apr 6, 2005
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Northwest GA
Ronnie Brown attended Cartersville City Schools, where I work, in Northwest GA and we are all so proud of him here in our school system. He has presented himself as a stand up GENTLEMAN and he returns to the system as often as possible to read to our younger students and encourage them to follow their dreams. He is humble and has a true love for the game. And he has managed to maintain a higher GPA than most who do NOT play any sport at all while at Auburn. I had NEVER gotten into watching college football until he went to Auburn and since then,I have become an addict. My husband laughs at me, but it makes me very proud to see such talent out of our school system. I also love that my two children, ages 8 and 10, are seeing such a positive role model in Ronnie Brown. He will be an asset to any team smart enough to grab him up and he will hold everyone around him to a higher standard, just as he has himself. His parents should hold their heads high for the job they have done in molding this young man. I guess we will be trading in our Auburn jerseys for Dolphin jerseys soon.
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