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Video: Chad Ochocinco on HardKnocks(Bengals) #Entertaining


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Apr 27, 2012
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If this belongs in the General NFL forum, ma mistake. But this player is gonna work out with us, so he gotta be Dolphins related. This a little insight of him, pretty cool guy and hard worker. I hope we cop him up. Gotta love when he mentions "He goes 110% all the time" & hahaha I wonder how many times he told Belly**** "Child Please"(Gotta see part 1 to understand) LMAO!!!. Should be fun watching our team on HBO this year haha. Well without fruther ado heres links.
Part 1-3
I thought we didn't want any distractions on Hard Knocks?

Not saying he will create one but to be honest, his presence alone will be one because of the nature of his personality.

I like Chad but no thank you.
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