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Wanne's Tues Noon Press Conference

  • concerned about ST - 2 missed FG helped lose game
  • called Minor's fumble reason we lost game
  • praised AJ and Baker and said could have 6 WR depending on ST
  • Chester was a calf problem - not the pre-existing ankle problem
  • no time to make corrections before NO game
  • need to start faster (an understatement)
THere is nothing wanny can really do to make corrections.... except watch the films with the team tomorow and hope that they can see what they did wrong and fix it....... Fumbles, special teams, FG's.... I just think that mare has to get a little rust out of him and so does everyone else...... the 30 yarder.. was a little shocking, but the 56 yarder was a tough one..... even for him..... they only started really working on special teams on sunday..... so i think they will have time to get better untill the season... but if you noticed, we got a lot better on ST as the game went on...... like that hit ( i think gaylon) made on that one punt. THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!! It was even on the top 10 plays of the day in SC.
Trent Gamble made that hit on Lockett - man you would think someone who is probably about 160 like Lockett would FC that one :eek:
Didn't Mare struggle last preseason as well? Personally, I am not worried about him or the coverage teams.
Originally posted by dolphan39
Trent Gamble made that hit on Lockett - man you would think someone who is probably about 160 like Lockett would FC that one :eek:

the only thing that has me worried is the penalties. the offense was obviously lost since i noticed that teh wr didnt know if he was supposed to be in motion or not. then konrad and weaver in motion. this was the biggest culprit of stopping us. not the tampa bay bucs. but i am not worried about the play. they obviously didnt care about this game.
the starting Oline should be Dixon-Nails-Ruddy-Searcy-Wade

If henry Taylor doesnt make this team i will be seriously dissapointed.
Well, most of the penalties were because of timing issues. Man in motion, etc. Practice should cure those as everyone gets on the same "clock".

Gamble sure put a solid kiss on that punt receiver. I thought it was love at first site! He looked like a hound on a rabbit! haha

Baker was for the most part just short of spectacular. While not amazing, he was beyond the credit I was giving him. With that one catch he just reached out and snatched out of the air. Sweet hands.

But first preseason game means nothing. And since we have ZERO practice or chances to fix 1st game mistakes, the second game will mean the same. Don't expect to much different in game 2 as we won't have a chance to correct our mistakes....yet.
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