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Wannstedt also said tailback Lamar Smith would be allowed to test the free-agent mark

It also stated that OJ is not ready to call it a career. I thought he was done, along with most everybody else. I'm taking this as anything he can give us is gravy, but oh what gravy that could be.

GO OJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

would we want another veteran WR (unless we release one of our 4) when we have such huge cap problems already :confused:
Well for one, I'm sure it would be at vet minimum. We already have depth so it wouldn't be a huge risk releasing Waste of Space himself Jeff Odgen and giving OJ a shot. If they feel he has a chance to contribute, it's worth the risk. He's a difference maker.
He was a good possesion receiver, it was just a few years ago when he led the league in rec., but we have Oronde G. who is in my better IMO. I say let him go
I'm all for keeping OJ if the price is right. I'm pretty sure the team isn't going to be keeping Ogden around anyway so that takes care of that roster spot. We have Ward to return punts (not like Ogden did anything there anyway), Chambers and McKnight (OK, McKnight only on a good day) to stretch the field, along with two really quality, class guys who are excellent posession receiver like OJ and OG. That would be a receiving corps to rival any in the NFL (except, perhaps, for the freakish Rams corps but they're probably going to lose Az and Proehl so that cuts them down to size.)
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I must be one of the few Dolphin fans who do not feel that L Smith is totally responsible for the collapse of the Dolphins running game this past season !! There is no way a r-b can have as productive season as Smith had in 01, and then have everything completely fall apart a year later without some help from uncontrollable circumstances. That is not to say Smith wasn't concerned about fumbling the ball which made him less aggressive attacking the line of scrimmage, but if the defense is sitting there waiting for you up the middle and at either side of the outside perimmeter ( scrimmage line) in 8 man fronts , even M-Faulk would be useless !!!!! Marino1983 :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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