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OMG Billsfan there is nothing more pathetic then smack talking on a board to a team that's owned your rear end the past 2 years. It's like Dolphans going to the Jets board talking smack about them. Grow up dude. Your a fan of the most pathetic team in the AFC. The Bengals are going to be better then the bills this year.......the Bengals for christ sakes.
The Fins should take a look at Byron Chamberlin.................. :cooldude:
Chamberlain just resigned with the Vikings. We should have tried to get him. I still think we should sign a TE however. Tony Gonzalez is still available I think. Too bad that he is too good to get cheap. :(
Gonzalez is the best....................I believe he is tagged as "franchise player".
2nd year todd wade

hey jillsfan you better do alot more reading on football to get your facts straight dont open your mouth unless they are facts wade is going into his 3rd year enjoy losing again this year
hey billsfan:
1. fiedler exposed? yeah, to the tune of a classic 4th quarter comeback in rich stadium and a 34-7 schallacking at the pro
2. yeah, we got blasted by denver in '98, but not before trace piledrove the midget into the turf...capping off a good playoff win vs jills
3. speaking of tanking in the playoffs: WIDE RIGHT(damn, that HAD to hurt)...52-17 in pasadena
Originally posted by miadphan13
Good one InFINSible!! :lol:

.....and the great thing about it.... is that it's so versetile, you can use it on any opponent! From Jills fans, to Faider Fans, to Jest Fans, just insert the name of the hated foe into the slot marked "answer" and.....VIOLA! Instant insult!
......Small enough to take any where, yet big enough to hurt some ones feelings! HA HA HA!
......That's not all!
......it also comes in a variety of colors. You can change yourself

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