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Ward and Mcknight Will Come Through To Complete A Solid WR Corps.


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May 24, 2002
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Hey, there's nothing new to talk about at this point. But I do believe this will be the case. McKnight is working hard in mini camps. He has speed you can't teach, with enough determination good hands can be developed. Ward has the moxy go over the middle, finish his blocking assignments and runs good routes. I don't really see us showing any interest in a FA WR unless an unexpected opportunity to get better as a team falls in our laps. Don't hold your breath!

Plus, McKnight is doing very well. He was one of the few guys out there making plays while Chambers and Gadsden sat out at the first practice.
Right now,Gadsden and McKnight are competing for the starting WR spot opposite of Chambers who should be the #1 guy. In fact,we have such good WR corps that it's kind of hard for me to tell who will the the 2nd,3rd,4th,and 5th WR.

In addition for instance,Ward is a clutch player,yet he'll likely never be a starter due to his lack of size,but who knows whether he'll be the 3rd or 4th WR? Gadsden is a huge play maker,yet he's been having problems with his feet and he may be better off in the slot and on goal line situations. Right now,it does seem to me that Chambers and McKnight are the starters,but we'll see.
I like Chambers and McKnight on the outside with the speed to stretch the field ....... and Gadsen and Ward on the inside. whether McKnight gets the nod over Gadsen I dont know but it would be much better to put him on the outside because he isn't comfortable going over the middle. Ward is a clutch reciever...... he made a lot of clutch catches, coming up with the ball and securing it immediately so that the defender cant knock it out.

I don't know who will be numbers 3,4,5, or in what order or role they will be playing. But it seems to me that's a good problem to have. We have depth!!! I was always one of the fans saying we don't need Chris Carter, or Herman More. (But, would not have mind it if we did get C. Carter) But, We have Gadsden with size, great hands and uncanny feel for where he is on the field. Ward, while lacking the physical stature of OG, has every bit of the toughness and actually runs more disciplined routes. The multiplicity of sets we will have at our disposal will be exponentially better with RW in the mix, and the addition of more passes to the TE and FB. If we do go after a WR in June I would say to bring in another speed guy who can stretch the field, just in case of an injury to CC or JM.



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Sep 4, 2001
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I gotta agree that if you include Baker, Simmons and Ogden in there as #5, then we're in good shape on paper. I am still concerned abuot OG and Ward and their ability to play at 100% for sustained periods of time. Both guys are clutch, big time players - which is what McK is not. Since we are unlikely to get McCardell who is outstanding, Westbrook is the only other guy that is worth looking at; and since Norv knows him well, I would back any decision they make. But I do see the possibility of Westbrook replacing OG if we signed him. :eek:


Feb 21, 2002
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We do not need a Bryant Westbrook. He hasn't shown much the last few seasons. In fact, I think our WR corp is fine. The only thing I see that we need improvement on from the WRs is punt and kickoff returns. It would be nice to have a burner on ST. This is just my humble opinion:cool:

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