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Watching bama press conf = dejavu


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Sep 25, 2005
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Seriously I think us finfans have had enough of his brainwashing for the last 2 years. I listened to the press conference and It was the same garbage he was spewing here. The funniest thing is how he was telling the media that they had to be on the same page as him in order to have a championship team. (LOL)
Nick Saban was held in high standards both in college and the pros in the past, but the recent events put him in the category of Larry Brown.

Im very proud of us Dolphin fans who have united and become even stronger than before. Just one more note, not only was he a phony as a person but as a Gameday coach this year he sucked too. I tell all my friends that I have never seen a coach mismanage the team during a game the way he did this year.

Terry saban is a man!!
He'll win. Each year they'll get...

Mississippi State
4 OOC games which won't be tough ones

So that's six wins there. Factor in the occasional Kentucky/Vandy game plus one win over an LSU, UGA, UT or UF on occasion and Nick Satan will average what he always has in college outside of his 2003 season: 8 wins!
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