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Dec 9, 2001
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I hate to boast prematurely, but DAMN! Look at our BACKUPS at wr! I remember when ward would light us up as a jet-always thought he was good. Mcknight, well don't really remember him, but i'm sure he's ok too. CHAMBERS and CARTER!!! WOW!!! however it is a DAMN shame about OG...but business is business i guess...
We're stacked.....until another offensive lineman or a linebacker gets hurt. Then we're in deep trouble.
sorry dude but we are not stacked. love the maturity of a Muck on this board.....

our offensive line is average and any losses at linebacker could be brutal
I'm afraid I have to agree with that as well, although we are also pretty deep at defensive line. Anyway, it's better to think this way than to become complacent.
What team can't you say that of?

Originally posted by Muck
We're stacked.....until another offensive lineman or a linebacker gets hurt. Then we're in deep trouble.
I think the poster had it right, at WR we are stack, and that's the only position he pointed out....He never talked about OL or LB...of course we all know we're not real deep at those positions...but we have respectable replacements...Dixon has been out going 3 weeks, and the man we were worried about doing preseason...Spriggs has stepped up and played well..we still have Seth and Dixon will be back....so we have some depth there...but as Oliver notes..every team is pretty much in that situation.
Originally posted by Muck
We're stacked.....until another offensive lineman or a linebacker gets hurt. Then we're in deep trouble.

I disagree on offensive line because.............

I think we have some nice depth at offensive line...

Seth Mckiney could come in and replace at Guard or Center...

I heard Greg German (undrafted rookie) is not bad and could develop into a good player...

Dixon is coming and spriggs is another nice back up who can play tackle and guard...

I can't say samething about linebacker depth although I like Tommy Hendricks who I think can play but like oliver said there no team in this league with depth at every position...
I would say we are more stacked than we have been in a long time. I mean, when is the last time our offense and defense were both really good and to add with that good special teams and good coaching on both sides of the ball. We have it all this year!
If Zach gets injured, we are ****ed, but if Greenwood or Rodgers get injured will it be that big a deal. Neither of them (Rodgers has an int but thats really it) has done anything all year. I thought Greenwood would break out this year. I was very wrong. I don't want to see anyone get injured, but if one of our OLBs get injured it won't end our season or anything close to that.
Yeah...............You are stacked at WR but now it's the reason you lost! NEW FLASH.................Lucas sucked but were these GREAT Backups Mcknight and Ward open at all? NO! And they were going against Chris SUcky Watson! YOur "stacked" WR corps made him look all pro!
wow that stacking payed of today... did mcknight and ward do anything. McMichaels did good but he looked a bum letting the ball over his head to Clements. It's a sad day when your receivers can't burn Chris Watson
It's kinda funny. Were you guys at the game? Because if you were, I have no idea what you were seeing. Ward and McKnight got themselves open. Lucas made ****ty throws. Ward and McKnight didn't play great, they dropped some balls, but they were open a lot today and Lucas just missed them. Underthrown balls into the ground, overthrown balls that got picked off, balls thrown 5 yards outta bounds. It was crazy.
but lucas wasn't sitting in the pocket so long because he's dumb... it's becasue the coverage was all over the wr's
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