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we can pick only auburn players


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Apr 21, 2005
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This is my idea:

trade #2 for #7 and 18# with the Vikes
trade surtain for #46 with the Chiefs

and here are the picks:

#7 ronnie brown, rb, auburn
#18 carlos rogers, cb, auburn
#46 jason campbell, qb, auburn
#70 junior rosegreen, s, auburn

what do you think about? do you like this draft?
thats if Ronnie slips to #7 doubt it very muh

rodgers would be nice at 18.

dont like campell..

Rosgreen more of SS... need FS
id take that, maybe more likely to be caddy at #7. i happen to be big on campbell and like the idea of bringing in players with chemistry. lets not forget these guys should have had a shot at USC, that is it would be hard to get blown out worse than okla did!
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