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We draft 23rd

What is a first round pick worth in a trade? I am thinking if we could drop the number one altogether and pick up a low round two, and maybe an extra three?

This way we get two second rounders, and two thirds...besides, we can't pick a first round selection to save our team anyhow.

Jamar Fletcher, John Avery, Yatil Green...might as well get two second round picks where we get gems like Pat Surtain, Sam Madison, and Chris Chambers...lol
Todd Wade was a #2 also...:D

I'm sure it will be considered, but it depends on how we do in FA and if there are some pick-rich teams that can cough up 2 picks for our 1.
Not too many teams will give up much for the 23rd pick unless there is a real steal still available. If that is the case, you guys would probably want to keep it and get the steal.
If someone drafting below you (Balt, Oakl, NE, Pitt, GB, StL, Chi, or Philly) trades for it, you would probably swap and get an extra third, or something like that.
Re: 87...

Originally posted by QuebecFinsFan
this would be good but you forgot one thing....we don't have a 2nd rounder this year:(
87's point was to get a 2nd for our 1st as well as an extra 3rd :)
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Man, I love that film!

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