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We Draft QB At #2...What Do We Have??


May 21, 2002
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Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Let's all just assume that the Phinz take a QB at #2 overall. What do we have in either Rodgers or Smith, and how long will it be before one of them gets the starting nod???...

My personal opinion is that neither QB is worth the #2 pick. I've heard all the comparisons to the 2004 draft class, and seen all of the highlights I need to in order to make a wise decision. Neither are considered among the 2004 class by experts, and that really doesn't give me much faith in what we have to choose from this year at the QB position....

If we do indeed draft a QB, I can only hope that I'm wrong about these two QB's getting all the hype. In my honest opinion, this team needs a field burner at WR more than they need a QB or RB. The talent level of someone like B. Edwards or M. Williams is extraordinary, and to have one of them line-up opposite WR C. Chambers would put defenses in a very dangerous sitaution....

Just my opinion. I'm not against drafting a QB at #2, but I'm much more confident with the players available at WR and RB than I am with these two "project QB's"...

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