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We lost all our respect on Sunday

GOOD! :mad: I think it is just what our players need to read! I know when someone is against me it ALWAYS pisses me off and makes me want to prove them wrong. :evil: Look at how well it worked for Ray Lewis last night! :eek: I say.....BRING IT ON!! :fire:

The Patriots had a frickin' field goal contest with Buffalo yesterday. With all their weapons, they still couldn't get into the endzone. The Patriots are a divisional rival, so we always play those teams the best. Our division record is 4-2 and those two came just from the Jets. Don't forget, we still have a decent road record! :D
"Miami would have been better off saving the plane fuel, forfeiting this game and resting for Saturday's monster clash at New England. Seriously. Nothing good came out of this loss for Miami, not one solitary thing. The Dolphins would have scored just as many points if they had never boarded the plane. And they would have gone into Saturday's New England game with more momentum. If Miami had played this game at home, its own angry fans might have littered the field with beer bottles."

I think something good did come out of this loss. I honestly believe that this is going to springboard the Dolphins into the playoffs, and drive them to become great. They are sick of themselves, and sometimes it takes being completely sick of yourself to make a change.

They will be focused, they will be so very ready to play the way we all know they can, and I for one am GLAD this happened to them.

Miadphan, you are exactly right, they need to read stuff like that, they need to read it all week, and it will either bring them to their knees, and crush them, or it will make them rise to the occasion, and play like the champions we all know they can be.

We have seen Fiedler play extremely well, and we know the defense can play better. My bet is this will be it, this is what will finally make Miami stand up, and if it doesn't, then at least we will know what our team is all about.
Altough I was gaining some confidence towards the end of the week, I kind of expected this performance. This team really start to perform after imbarrising perfromance like this. If we can just beet the Pats then we will start a nice home stint for hopefully 3 games, 4 if the Stealers lose their game in the playoffs.
87 right on the $$$$$

This debacle is what we needed. I sensed ****iness in our players, even a bit from Fiedler. This slice(actually, the whole damn bakery)of humble pie is what we needed. Face it, we don't have the big names and big playmakers like other teams have. We need to be mentally stronger and better prepared if we are even dreaming of a getting far in January. Did you know that last Wednesday we had a 'light' workout'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No pads......gimme a break...I guarantee that will never happen again! I believe this thrashing is actually gonna help us....at least I like to hope so???? Hey, just trying to stay positive........
just trying to stay positive........
The coaches were actually reserving all the plays / game planning for the game ag. the Pats and writing off the SF game - that is the real reason for the shutout. :rolleyes:

We have not done much to stop the run and without #92 that may be a problem unless our O can stay on the field for at least half the game or we can generate a nice TO ratio - 2 things that we failed miserably on yesterday.
We don't deserve any respect. Also, we are 3 point underdogs to the Pats this weekend.
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