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Weather In New England


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Nov 18, 2001
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Miami Lakes,FL
Does anyone know what the forecast is for New Engand on Saturday? What does everyone think of the weather? Do you think it will be a factor for our PHINS and YODA I mean FEIDLER???? COMMENTS??
Yesterday and today has been cold and raw. We were getting sleet, rain and snow all day. the local forecast looks clear for saturday as far as snow or rain. the last few weekends have been warm and sunny in the 50's which is unbelievable for new england in dec. hopefully it will be the same this sat. I will keep an eye on the weather and give an update as we get closer.
I don't think weather will be a factor. We played in Dallas in snow and won, right? We played in Buffalo last year and won, right? We are not the Tampa Bay Bucs (sorry mom), so we don't have a weather factor. Please don't worry about all the angles. You will drive yourself crazy thinking of all the ways we can lose. Just think: We will WIN!!! :D Repeat................
Why does everyone say that we can't play in the cold? I remember last year we beat Buffalo and NE in the cold. If you look at our roster, a lot of our players come from northern colleges. Just because the Fins play in the south doesn't mean they suck in the cold, we aren't the Bucs.
I'm not sure whether the weather will be fair weather for us or whether it will be bad weather for us. Whether or not the weather is bad, I'm concerned as to whether the team will show up to play in any weather, whether it is good weather or bad weather. Not sure whether any of that made any sense, but whether you're a fair weather fan or a die hard weathered fan, we need your support!:cool: :goof:

p.s. Don't even compare Yoda to Fiedler, that's just inhumane. Yoda can move X-Wings out of swampy muck with his mind and Fiedler has trouble moving a little leather ball 100 yards with 10 more guys helping him.:cool:
Yea but Yoda didn't have 11 huge guys trying to knock him on his arse everytime he tried to move the X wing.

I laughed my butt off the first time I read your post Jay, good stuff.
I am not sure of whether I should be confused or not. Some MUCH NEEDED humor on this board. Good job Jay! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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