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Week 14's important games


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Oct 3, 2001
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This week our conference has some interesting matchups and most have road games:

Pittsburgh (10-2) @ Baltimore (8-4) (last game: Ravens 13-Steelers 10)
***GO RAVENS!!***

Oakland (9-3) @ San Diego (5-8) (last game: Raiders 34-Chargers 24)

New England (8-5) @ Buffalo (2-10) (last game: Patriots 21-Bills 11)
***GO BILLS!!***

Cincinnati (4-8) @ NYJets (7-5) (last game: who knows?)
***GO BENGALS!!***

Any predictions or thoughts?
We don't have to

Worry 'bout no stinkin Jets. They'll find a way to go 8-8 and not make the playoffs.

The Ravens CAN win that if Grbac can keep playin well.

Uh the Bills, well they are coming off a win.....heh

I think the Chargers are done, and LaDay gives up the ROTY to Chambers, and rightfully so.
I'd like to see Cinci, Buffalo win but i can't see that happen!!!:( Buffalo just lost Pat Williams in the middle so right now our practice squad unit on defence is better the Buffalo defence...:lol:

....and the Bengals are playing like.....the Bengals....

San Diego has a good chance in that game since Oakland D can't stop anyone running at them...So if Tomlinson runs the ball hard and keep the Raiders D on the fiels, the Raiders might lose this one

As far as Pitts vs Bal.... this is a head or tales game!!! It all depends on the Ravens D playing like last years and not like one week ago against Indy...

My predictions (not necessarily who I want to win)

Pittsburgh-on a roll

Chargers-tired of losing and Brees may start

New England-on a really BIG roll (unfortunately)

Jets-sick of their annual December slump

And a Partridge in a Pear Tree:cool:
Ravens - Brown misses game winner in OT

Raider-the Chargers suck

New England-the Bills suck

Jets-the Bengals suck (sorry Richmond)
there is no game more important

than the one we have this week and everyweek afterwards. as long as we don't lose, 2nd seed and a bye is in the bag! :D
the only game we really care about is the Raven-Steeler game so that we can get #1 seed :D
Raiders :(
New England :(
Jets Come on Bengals :evil: :yell:

i don't want to get into it on this trivial

matter! but at this point, #2 seed is every bit as good as #1. it means a bye, as for the championship game, i don't think it makes that much difference where you play. and the first game in the playoffs is a home game for#2. although #1 is not out of reach, its just not a priority at this time! :D
Well then, I will call for the crazy upset that the Chargers will beat the Raiders with Tomlinson and the Bills will upset the Patriots because they are due for a loss...................

OH and the Lions will beat the Vikings :lol: Wouldn't that piss Randy Moss off! :lol:
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