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weird tingly feeling

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May 19, 2002
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no....... its not what your thinking.....;) :rolleyes:

its whenever someone mentions fins vs. broncs

i just have total confidence and am not worrying at all...... every win this season i have had this feeling..... but i didnt have it whhen we played the chiefs:rolleyes:

I just have extreme confidence that we will win......

oh..... and Dan picked us to lose on Inside the NFL on HBO

:yell: :yell: oh well...... cant swing everyone your way every week......:p

I have the reverse feeling. I get the feeling that they'll lose. I hope they'll win, but don't think they will.
We need Gadsen and Chambers to come up big for us. If we can dig Denver a hole they'll bury themselves trying to climb out. We need one of our WR's to break some plays and hopefuly contain Denver's WR's from getting to the open field.
All the intangibles are really against us and Denver is a very good football team. The Dolphins would really have to play lights out to win this one. We've won tougher games though.

Our schedule is a killer.
I think the difference will be miami's defense. Starting by completly shuting down portis like they did against priest H's. Than putting pressure on Griese who will be facing some pretty awesome DB's. Griese will have to throw perfectly placed undefendable footballs much like Trent Green did. Which won't happen again.
Again I still think our WR's have to take Charge in this game. They need to prove they're an elite unit by breaking tackles and getting in open in the open field. All our units have come up big and taken over a game and now it's the WR's and DB's turn. Come on Chambers. Lets see you wide open and leaving people in the dust.
I feel confident. We already getting into the grove of things and things meshing together. Aslong as everyone does there assignment and not try to be hero (FIEDLER), we should win.
along with New Orleans, we are the most complete team in the league and are quite capable of winning the rest of our games...including a roadie at investco
Geez, now we have two psychics on the boards- one tingles, and one dreams. If both of you guys are right this weekeing I'm going to be asking for Lotto numbers here in the very near future. :lol:
we should win because of the chiefs game. that was a completely embarassing game. the team was horrible on both sides of the ball. they wont take anyone lightly the rest of the year.

it should be a slug-fest...
Old man Fan5434's knee is shaking. That means we'll win.:)
LMAO Interesting way to pick Games I Normaly look @ Match ups Like Taylor vs Salaam and all that goofy stuff:evil:
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