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Weirdest Sports Injuries ever


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Mar 14, 2005
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The weirdest sports injuries ever
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Elliott Kalb / Special to
Posted: 1 hour ago

7. Gus Frerotte uses his head, 1997.
NFL players are always told that when they get to the end zone, to act like they've been there before. Well, Redskins quarterback Frerotte really did not know how to act after his third career rushing touchdown. After his late November one-yard touchdown run, Gus deliberately smacked his head against the stadium wall beyond the end zone. The $18 million dollar quarterback was taken to the hospital with neck pain, missing the second half of the most important game of the season (against the Giants) and was never really the same afterward. When Warner Brothers cartoon characters pull the same head-butt stunt, it's funny.
Do you have a link? I'd like to see the rest of that article.

I remember one that I found was when Neil O' Donnell was QBing for the Jets. He was coming off an injury (to his foot or ankle or something like that lol) and was all psyched up to play. Then right before the game, he injured his leg during pre-game stretches...STRETCHES!!. I couldn't stop laughing.
:lol: :lol:

Mine sucked, you would think in a highschool wrestling match you would not have to worry about getting slammed through a table. I was at a small tornament. The gym was really small so the scorers tables were not exactly regulation distance away from the mats(there were four of them, so it was a bit cramped is a understatment). I was in the thrid round, doing pretty well, I was up four to two in the final period and we were both tired. I started the third on top, he got a quick escape and shot a high single where basicly we are both standing up and he has my leg up in the air. He tries to trip me out, but due to my self-damning ballance, he cannot bring me down. He tried to trip me out, I hopped it, he tried again, I almost reverse it take him down. Then he tries to drive me forward. As he pushes I keep hopping back on my one leg. Last thing I remember was the refferee with a paniced look on his face, running trying to catch me. I wake up on the training table. I look over at the mat and the scorers table is split in half. I am told that he drove me all the way back and I did not go down until he drove me through the scorers table. Multible concussions, one from the table, one from the gym floor. Sometimes I still get a bit hazy because of it
i remember chris mullin fell out of bed and got a concussion....some baseball player threw out his back sneezing
Didn;t Brian Griese trip on his dog or phone or something like that? lol

Sammy Sosa hurt his back from snezing.

Another baseball player this year tripped on one of his kids toys or something like that.

I will tell you, the wierdest injury is when you tear your achilles.

You just drop back to pass and then fall to the ground. Marino and Testaverde.

I remember when the Coyotes mascot got his tongue ripped out by a coach lol!!!! Sportsenter was hilarious that week.
unifiedtheory said:
Richie Sexson pulled a muscle in his neck putting on a baseball cap that was too tight.
:lol: DAMN. I pulled a muscle in my neck pulling off a tie too quick. :goof:
professional (and former collegiate) wrestler Mike Rotunda once tore his sack trying to climb over a fence in a drunken stupor, had to have emergency surgery. ouch!
Slappy8800 said:
i remember chris mullin fell out of bed and got a concussion....some baseball player threw out his back sneezing

That was Sosa. I've done that too. Not fun.
Sorry u guys i must say the weirdest one i seen was a about a week ago, an upancoming superstar about to take his team to the promise land, strains his friggin rib muscle doing a move he did about a thousand times during the season, which happens during a game prior to the two last most important games in franchise history, im ssorry but thats the wierdiset s*&% ive ever seen in my life. :shakeno:

oh yea and alphonso roundtree snaping his ankle in half on live TV :(
Dude that Falcons safety who just jumped a little to avoid a tackle and his leg bent in half the wrong way and was flopping around was weird and made me a little sick to my stomach.
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