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welcome britdolfan from fellow englishman

Hi there Flipper!!:cool:

I am English guy.I first seen the Dolphins play in the first Super Bowl to be screened live here in the UK against the Redskins.I just took a shine to them instantly:D
So I would say that the 1983 season was the first real season I supported them.I was still a kid of around 13 then and would run home from school on a Monday to get results off the Teletext!! Rember those bad old days? We had to wait a week to see a game!!:yell: I used to listen to the games on AFN every week till eventually I got myself a computer and had the chance to listen to my beloved Dolphins every week:D
Throughout the years I have saved all the Dolphins games I have seen.I have a lot on the British format PAL and lots more on the American format NTSC which were sent to me by kind American fans;)
Anyway that is a brief history of me :goof: Tell me a little about yourself and how you got into these Delicious Dolphins...

In Jay We Trust :cool:
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