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Well...how are we going to turn this thing around?


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Feb 18, 2002
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Obviously, we aren't playing very good football right now. Pre-season or not our starters aren't getting it done. Both the offense, defense, and special teams need some serious work and I'm not going to blame the scheduling entirely on this. In fact, I think you start at the top, with Wannstedt. He's the head coach and it's his responsibility to see our guys are ready. At least with the fundementals! Hell, how many penalties did we have last night? Can our guys even line up at the line of scrimmage? People pick Miami to go to the Superbowl and cite Ricky Williams as the saviour to our running back woes. From what I've seen, that's laughable! It's time for our coaches and players to step up! and with these next eight days off, now is the only time to do it.

For starters, It should be back to basics on our offensive line. We need to make a decision on these guys and solidify our depth chart. From there we need to focus on developing continuity with line drills. I emphasize this because it all starts or ends in the trenches. If our line doesn't come around, I don't care if we have Marshall Faulk back there, we aren't going to be able to run the ball and win.

Another thing I would do,although it's not going to be popular with the fans, is close one practice on two-a-days off to the public. On days where there is only one practice, I would leave it open for us.

I would also extend the practice another 1/2 hour for exclusive special team work. During this time the O-line starters will work on more continuity stuff and the defense should do the same.

Sometimes change is good and will help team leaders focus the players on the task at hand. I'm not sure why our guys seem so un-focused this far into camp, but I think we need to do something to re-motivate them. By extending practice another 1/2 hour that gives us additonal time to work out the kinks and develop better timing.

How about you? Any thoughts on how we can turn this thing around?


I hear you...

The football season is very short, demanding and grueling, teams
can't expect to turn it on or off..

I know its only pre-season but you guys have to play better when it comes to the fundamentals..

This reminds me of the this years Mets.. watching them in pre-season in Port St. Lucie.. they looked bad.. it worried me. Mets fans were saying na don't worry about it it's only pre-season.. they will turn it around..

But guess what they just got swept by the SD Padres.. and I think they are 19 games behing the Braves and 8.5 behing ine the wild card..

The Dolphins need to step it up in thier last 2 games and play a little bit better or else it's going to be tough to turn it back on..
OH yea PLAY RAY LUCAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, But what do I know I'm only a JETS FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey nyrican....The Jets are looking great in pre season ;) You have a right to gloat LOL :p
I hear you... but I shall see how they perform in thier first 3

games of the season.

a. Buffalo
b. Neew england
c. Miami

Why Me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:lol:
we need to work on special teams. keep working on it with teh right people. not checking out diffrent guys all the time. correct the penalties. we have alot of rookies on the team or young guys who need alot of work yet. i dont htink we have been paying attention to ST at all! this new offense is confusing everyone. chris chambers didnt know where he was supposed to be the other night when he was in motion! konrad jumping offsides along with Weaver. these are two guys we need in this offense to make it right! eliminate the mistakes. work work work on the fundementals for the next 4 days and then come up with a game plan cus we need confidence right now! keep teh Oline the same as it was last night! u cant judge guys who were just thrown into the fire! they need to play together from now on. spriggs and Nails can play, but they need time together with ruddy and co. we need some rest too! this 4 days and two games crap is just that......crap! we got screwed and tatoood by ESPN and the NFL! Tagliabue is an a$$hole! but get some rest. get some instruction from your coaches and turn this thing around! now that we will have 8 days in between games now, we should start to see sme good things by the chicago game. there are some blessings in disguise here from all this happening. and that is that these games dont mean anything. we found some hidden gems in H Taylor and Severns and mcgarahan and Mcmicheal and robert baker and albert johnson(who i think is our KR). but once the first team becomes more acclomated this week, i think you will see some good football. but i am not expecting world beaters this next time out. i expect it for chicago though. eliminate th epenalties and this offense will be alot smoother.
offensive line, offensive line, offensive line. THAT WHERE IT ALL BEGINS. if you dont have a line you don't have anything.
This team is simply undisciplined....just like last year.

More penalties, more turnovers, and more question marks.....

I was at the game last night, and this team is nowhere near ready for the regular season. If the season started next week, I'd have to say the Phinz have very little chance at reclaiming the AFC East Title. The Jets look like their in mid-season form, and here we are, two weeks into it, and struggling pretty hard to generate any kind of consistancy.....

I'm not all that worried though. The offense is going to be dangerous. N. Turner will see to that. I'm not really concerned about the offense....

The defense had a better showing last night as well, but we still gave up over 100 rushing yards.....

We have three weeks to correct these mental mistakes. We have three weeks for Jay to get more comfortable as well. The positives are few and far between right now, but at least we know that R. Lucas can lead this offense if all else fails....

It's been a very frustrating two game stretch, but that's what the Pre-Season is for.....finding the flaws, and correcting them. Let's just wait and see how it comes together over the next couple of weeks before throwing in the towel.....

This is not for us to figure out, but our coaches and team..They know what they need to do...I kinda like the fact that they may think they have to prove something in the regular season..these poor preseason showings may work to our advantage come reg..season...Last year preseason 1-3,,,reg.season 11-5.. If going 0-4 gets us to 12-4...I can handle that...But I would like for the Dolphins to look a little more organize this next preseason game..They can lose, even to the Texans..but I hope they resemble a football team a little more..
Penalize each player $1000 for not being on the Line of Scrimage in practice, $1000 for holding in practice, and $1000 for false start in practice. It all starts in practice. They're letting these things go. Correct it in practice and you'll get performance on the field. Also, our OL has to open holes for RW. Last night Deuce had 3rd and 1 and we knew he was going to run it and he picked up 10 yards. Minor couldn't even pick up two yards on two carries. Our OL has to push in short yardage situations. We're no different than last two years if we cant rush for a first down on 3rd and 1 or 2.
Not that I'm excusing our team but I will say that Tampa Bay was the perfect precursor to this game we played against the Saints. We were sloppy in Tampa Bay, had no time to correct those mistakes and played another game without a single practice in between. With the way that went down, we should have wholly expected an extremely sloppy game. Perhaps if we played Tampa error free then they would have known what that felt like enough to carry over to another game without practicing, but they made a bunch of mistakes in Tampa, and predictably, they made a whole lot more against New Orleans.

When you have no practice time to correct mistakes, things get worst...naturally.
As far as the offense goes, I think the O-Line is playing pretty much straight on right now. Norvy's offence requires a lot of zone schemes and throwing different looks right now. Also 2 games in 3 days, c'mon. That's crazy. However the special teams are scary...scary...scary right now. Time to coach a little more wanny. Get em thinking right, and get back to fundamentals.
I'm not worried too much about the special teams other than finding ourselves a returner. Baker doesn't have the presence of mind. AJ Johnson does I think. And at the very least Jeff Ogden is a known commodity...until his first fumble, when he is fired from the team. I'm willing to hand that much to him out of desperation.

But the penalties and mental errors, those will go away especially when we get back to our normal special teams rotation and stop tryin to try a bunch of new guys.
Special Teams have been horrendous so far.....

I'm not too worried YET. I figured this game would not be much better than the Tampa Bay outing because they would only have one day to run a practice, and I'm sure it was a light practice. The Fins were put in a position where they could not make corrections from the Tampa game, so I didn't expect them to make changes by leaps and bounds.

The real look is next week's game against the Texans. The starters will play into the third quarter. They will have time to look over game film, make the necessary corrections and go from there. They will be able to make the decisions necessary to have the Fins ready for the Texans. They will have a game plan for the Texans instead of going into a preseason working on basic fronts and etc. I believe we will see a much better and well prepared team then. Now if the same $hit happens against the Texans, then I will start to worry. :fire:
Ray Lucas had another good outing again. He is looking really good in Turner's system.
Ray Lucas is not really playing in Turner's system yet. We haven't seen 1% of Turner's system yet.
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