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Feb 23, 2002
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have read everybody elses and good stuff on all sides. Nice to see board active in off season, so Ricky got Dave out and Saban in, a #2 pick and gets board going in quiet times, he not so bad ::biggrin::

Seriously, ricky is complex no doubt we all know that, he is impulsive and has his disorder, and hard to be ruthless with him as what he does always seems 100% right at time, he does not work in same rational as pretty much all of us.

Saban will know risks, and will 100% NOT rely on Ricky, the draft proves that, so what we have at worst is a bit of a fuss, buy at BEST, we get 2 of the biggest and fastest backs for their size in NFL, keeping each other fresh, a bit like cadillac and Brown, and given a rookie a good first year into NFL without full load on his back.

Ricky will need to get in shape and will not play in first 4, but down the stretch we could have fresh backs of top drawer quality, you cannot overlook that for a second. Ricky is just as likely to be totally as focused as he was in first season here, a 1800 yd one!!

Totally worth the shot, and as soon as ricky breaks through line and runs over a DB to endzone past will be forgotten in a blink of an eye.

Never been so excited since Marino than when i saw Ricky run, he gives you goosebumps with what he can bring and in balanced offence we can be awesome on offence v quickly.

The Defence has lost Pat. but will be more active in disguising coverages and generally being aggressive from passive persona of wanny.

If Ricky comes back and plays as we know, and thats big IF i know, we could be surprise team of 2005/06 and Superbowl not that crazy.

Ifs are Boston, Ricky, Seau can they put in a top season in combination with whats here already.......whatever though me so damn excited for 2005, and not said that for along time
I agree, once ricky starts busting some runs and piling up the yards and tds, alll will be forgiven. The 1-2 punch of brown and williams will be unstoppable.
The 1-2 punch of Ricky and Brown, sounds like Brown's college days with the cadillac!
Syra39 said:
The 1-2 punch of Ricky and Brown, sounds like Brown's college days with the cadillac!

yeah it does............but hey it worked:wink:
Ricky dumped us and broke our hearts...his pennance can be to run us back into playoff contention!
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