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We're beating ourselves


Mar 7, 2002
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Weston, FL
The penalties have been the key to this game. That was one of the ugliest halves of Dolphins football I have ever seen. Offensive penalties near the goal-line have cost us 8 points. (4 on the Weaver interference, 4 on the holding at the end of the half). Without those, we could be tied. Also, Arturo Freeman has been awful. He has had two personal fouls (one unnecessary roughness on a kickoff I believe, the other a pass interference when he was try to cover Gonzalez) that have given the Chiefs nearly 30 yards of much needed field position. Also, he got knocked on his ass by Trent Green on that Priest Holmes run. Talk about embarassing.

The fact is that our defense is having trouble with the Chiefs and that's just because the Chiefs are really good. We've done a great job of stoppung the running game and forcing Trent Green and his receivers to make plays, and they have. Trent Green had a beautiful first half and I gotta give lots of props to Eddie Kennison for that nice diving catch. Tony Gonzalez is just plain good which is why 95% of the safeties and linebackers in this league can't cover him. We fall in that 95% category.

I say we should continue to challenge Trent Green to make plays. He will get picked off sooner or later. The biggest problem is that we have no one who can cover Tony Gonzalez and I was afraid of that all week. But we can deal with it. If the o-line steps up in the 2nd half and we don't give the ball up because of careless turnovers, we should still be able to win this game. We're only down by one score on a bad defense. I think we need to start running the play-action bootleg a couple times and start confusing the KC defense. Then we may be able to do something on offense. Ricky hasn't had anything to work with in the 1st half so don't say he's sucked because he hasn't. He made a big run late in the 2nd quarter and he still had no blocking, he did it all by himself. The momentum is slowly shifting. We finally made them punt. This should be a real nice 2nd half. This has been a great game. Hopefully, we will come out on top.

One more thing, the special teams have been great. Good kickoff coverage, Mare has been good, and Albert Johnson has looked awesome. Let's hope it continues in half #2.
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